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Global Data Review will be putting all its coverage relating to covid-19 and the coronavirus in front of the usual paywall. This applies to all future stories as well as to our back catalogue. 

You can see the stories we have run so far below:

Therrien: privacy reform urgently required

Familiar issues stall US covid-19 privacy legislation

Big data continues to shine during market rally

Brazil's LGPD could come into force on schedule after late-night vote

Thailand to delay data privacy law

Brazilian House of Representatives votes to delay LGPD

US lawmakers propose temporary covid-19 privacy law

Pressured EDPB set to grill Hungary over GDPR suspension

Brazilian court declares data protection a fundamental right in landmark decision

Hungary under fire for GDPR suspension

Contact-tracing approaches diverge worldwide

Covid-19 tracing app will stray from ICO privacy recommendations

Covid-19: Brazil's top prosecutor defends telecoms data collection scheme

Bolsonaro orders postponement of Brazil's data protection law

Alphabet's Q1 financial results portend 2020 adtech slowdown

Trace to the finish? Data concerns on contact-tracing apps

Colombian watchdog to probe Zoom's data privacy

Covid-19: Slovenian court to rule on constitutionality of data collection

Covid-19: Brazilian court suspends government's collection of telecoms data

Sophie in 't Veld: Legislation needed to end covid-19 data sharing

Covid-19: Chatbots proving invaluable, AI researcher says

Covid-19: Watchdog theatens fines for employee temperature checks

Big data weathers the economic storm

Covid-19 prompts data enforcement slowdown

Wiewiórowski: Europe must use data together to fight covid-19

Edtech privacy rules cover more than classroom learning, expert warns

Jelinek: data protection doesn’t hinder covid-19 fight

Medical records companies baulk at sharing data with CDC

Covid-19: EDPB set to clarify health and geolocation data processing

Data loss, disaster recovery and coronavirus

Covid-19: UK health service forced to disclose patient data

Study tests efficacy of covid-19 location data tracing

Dutch regulator breaks ranks on coronavirus data sharing

Covid-19: US health department further relaxes HIPAA rules

Covid-19: Brazil to vote on postponement of LGPD

Coronavirus and the GDPR – keep calm and carry on?

US covid-19 stimulus package includes $500m for CDC surveillance programme

Covid-19: US lawmakers seek regulatory guidance for online schooling

US health department won’t penalise breaches during covid-19 crisis

German watchdog hits back at coronavirus draft law

Covid-19 will not delay CCPA enforcement

Connecticut private labs ordered to turn over covid-19 testing data

Telcos share location data for coronavirus efforts

UK to force food supply data sharing

HHS suspends HIPAA rules to encourage telemedicine use

Coronavirus affects data regulators around the globe

Coronavirus puts data sharing in uncharted territory

Some FBI spying powers in limbo with lapse of Freedom Act

US health department wants more airlift data to track coronavirus

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