Harsh Sutaria

Harsh Sutaria

Chief Innovation Officer, Forensic Risk Alliance
[email protected]

Harsh Sutaria is FRA’s chief innovation officer. Harsh drives the firm’s innovation initiative, working with emerging technologies, engaging the start-up community, and driving the transformation of next generation technologies into practical solutions. He implements foundational platforms and programmes, orchestrating all of our businesses to innovate on a global scale. Harsh focuses to wholly understand technologies and to identify strategies that embrace market opportunities created by the constantly evolving technological, regulatory, and business landscapes. Harsh is an expert in disruptive & business model innovation, ecosystem strategy and development, and emerging technologies. He is the firm’s leader on the critical components of innovation, including strategy, new-product development, business-model creation, open innovation, culture change, and research and development. He has extensive experience delivering measurable value for companies in product development, go-to market, and customer experience strategy.

Harsh is fluent in Hindi and Gujarati and holds a Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems.

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