UK competition regulator: force Google to share data

The UK’s antitrust enforcer has called for the creation of a new body with powers to force companies to share data with competitors.

03 July 2020

German competition watchdog slams smart TV data collection

Shortly after its triumph over Facebook in a landmark case, Germany’s influential antitrust enforcer has attacked smart TV data collection practices.

03 July 2020

Data concerns prompt LSE/Refinitiv merger review

The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation into Refinitiv’s proposed $27 billion acquisition of London Stock Exchange Group, in part over concerns that rivals could be denied access to valuable data.

25 June 2020

German antitrust decision threatens Facebook business model

Germany’s highest court has ruled that the country’s competition authority can enforce against Facebook on data grounds – in a decision with broad implications for the company’s business model.

24 June 2020

Google/Fitbit deal faces resistance over data acquisition

Google’s proposed acquisition of wearables company Fitbit is facing multiple roadblocks over the “trove” of health data it may obtain as part of the purchase.

18 June 2020

EU set to examine digital gatekeepers

The European Commission is seeking experts to conduct a five-month study into the gatekeeping power of digital platforms.

13 May 2020

German antitrust enforcer chief “sceptical” of data portability impact

The president of Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has said data portability “will not get you very far” without more competition in technology markets.

30 April 2020

Amazon under fire for allegedly using seller data to develop products

A US senator wants the Department of Justice to investigate reports that Amazon has used data about independent sellers to develop its own competing, private-label products – a practice company policy prohibits.

29 April 2020

Internet titans butt heads with enforcer on online advertising

Google and Facebook have pushed back against the UK competition enforcer’s interim report on data in digital advertising – though many other commenters say the companies’ power should be curbed.

14 April 2020

Emergency measures force Google to pay publishers for content use

A French regulator has given Google three months to negotiate an acceptable fee to pay news publishers for displaying their content in its search results, following allegations that the company implemented abusive practices after the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive.

14 April 2020

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