Data privacy

Canadian facial recognition law could give regulators more authority

Canada’s privacy regulators have recommended the development of a legal framework that explicitly states the acceptable circumstances in which police can use facial recognition software.

06 May 2022

Judge certifies Marriott and Accenture data breach class

A Maryland-consolidated federal class action pursuing damages linked to the 2018 Marriott data breach has been greenlit, with a judge agreeing with the claimants’ formula for valuing affected personal data.

05 May 2022

Top EU data watchdogs warn over legality of Data Act

The EDPB and EDPS have expressed “serious concerns” about the Data Act making individuals’ data available to public sector bodies, in an opinion that called for the proposed law to enact stronger privacy protections in a range of areas.

05 May 2022

New health data law jumps on Data Act possibilities

The European Commission has published a proposed regulation on the sharing of medical data, but the law is reliant on other pieces of data-sharing legislation which are themselves not yet finalised.

04 May 2022

UK sets out app privacy and security practice code

The UK government has proposed a “world first” code of practice to set minimum privacy and security requirements for app store operators and developers.

04 May 2022

Connecticut’s data privacy law mirrors its predecessors but ups the stakes

Connecticut’s new privacy law is similar to other recent state-level legislation but observers say its requirements and definitions could be a regulatory and cost “rude awakening” for regional and international companies.

04 May 2022

Austrian watchdog rejects risk-based approach to data transfers

Following a complaint filed in 2020 by NGO noyb, the Austrian regulator held that the operator of an online comparison website unlawfully used Google Analytics and could not rely on a risk-based approach to transfer data to third countries.

03 May 2022

UK regulators to scrutinise algorithms

The UK’s data watchdog and its regulatory counterparts for digital matters are set to focus their oversight on algorithms, part of their strategic collaboration for the upcoming year focused on “execution and delivery”.

03 May 2022

New Google/DeepMind action filed

Google and subsidiary DeepMind are facing a new UK privacy lawsuit, three months after the same claimant’s previous class action over the companies’ use of UK National Health Service data was pulled.

29 April 2022

The data privacy hurdles that could upend Musk's Twitter

Prospective new Twitter owner Elon Musk has aspirations for Twitter as a “digital town square”, but his vision could collide with the proliferation of new data protection rules.

29 April 2022

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