Data privacy

Commission rejects GDPR implementation criticism

The European Commission has rejected claims that it does not collect sufficient information about Ireland’s implementation of the GDPR.

24 June 2022

Noyb challenges Swedish procedural rules

NGO noyb yesterday filed an appeal with the Stockholm administrative court over an alleged three year delay in the Swedish regulator’s response to a subject access request, in a case that might lead to increased litigation against the watchdog.

23 June 2022

ECJ upholds PNR processing

The European Court of Justice has cleared Belgian law that implements the controversial PNR Directive, but nonetheless set out rigorous requirements for its use.

21 June 2022

Legal departments dominate corporate compliance and privacy but only co-lead cybersecurity responses

Corporate legal departments undertake compliance and privacy work – but despite cybersecurity response’s similar growing corporate prominence, few companies turn exclusively to legal for those matters.

20 June 2022

Hesse devises Schrems-compliant Zoom use

Hesse’s data watchdog has approved a workaround for universities looking to use video-conferencing services in the wake of the Schrems II decision.

20 June 2022

Policymakers on what’s next for EU data protection enforcement

Members of the European Commission and Parliament have shared their views on the future of the GDPR in the EU and beyond – including harmonisation, regulatory cooperation, and the need to review the legislation.

20 June 2022

EDPS calls for centralisation

Wojciech Wiewiórowski has called for a “pan-European model” to counter issues with GDPR enforcement, and proposed the creation of a body dedicated to handling the most significant cross-border investigations.

17 June 2022

UK reveals more about data protection reform

The UK’s digital, culture, media and sport ministry has confirmed that future UK data laws will cut down on cookie consent pop-ups, push the Information Commissioner’s Office to promote innovation, reduce DPO requirements and simplify rules applying to research data.

16 June 2022

Swedish watchdog continues Facebook pixel crackdown

Sweden’s data protection authority is investigating a remote healthcare company over the collection of personal data from two of its websites through Facebook pixels and the subsequent transfer of that data to Meta – only two weeks after opening a similar probe into pharmacy chains.

16 June 2022

“DPAs are just too shy” – Commission advisor

A European Commission advisor has encouraged individuals to take failing national regulators to court in a debate over effective enforcement of the GDPR.

16 June 2022

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