Data privacy

Belgian DPA moves on cookies again

Belgium’s data regulator has fined a media company for placing cookies that gathered data without obtaining users’ consent, in a decision that gives further insight into the regulator’s attitude towards cookies in the wake of its landmark IAB Europe decision.

26 May 2022

ICO leans on Clearview BIPA settlement

Enforcement measures released by the UK data watchdog show the regulator relying on Clearview AI’s recent Illinois settlement to bolster an order forcing the company to delete information relating to UK residents.

26 May 2022

Irish watchdog loses appeal in long-running CCTV case

An Irish appellate judge has labelled the Irish Data Protection Commission conclusions a “manifest error” in a judgment concerning the regulator’s assessment of the use of CCTV data under the GDPR.

25 May 2022

Google loses motion to dismiss Washington state litigation

Google is set to face the state’s attorney general in a consumer protection violation case that could fetch over $750 million in penalties over allegedly deceptive and unfair location tracking.

25 May 2022

Private enforcement is not a last resort, lawyer says

A lawyer handling litigation against Uber has said courts are a key instrument in driving change, rather than a last resort to be used when regulators fail to act.

24 May 2022

EDPB fining guidelines may face similar struggles to German scheme

The European Data Protection Board announced their new GDPR fining guidelines last week, in a bid to harmonise regulators' different approaches to penalties throughout the EU. But what can Germany’s own controversial calculator tell us about such attempts at broad frameworks?

24 May 2022

Lawmaker touts sandboxes as key to responsible AI

An MEP has said regulatory sandboxes are essential to enable smaller businesses to compete with giants and provide them with the security to experiment, interact with regulators, and obtain confirmation that the products they develop are compliant.

23 May 2022

Italy fines Uber €4 million

Italy’s data protection regulator has found that Uber provided inadequate privacy notices to both drivers and riders, and failed to obtain the necessary consent to carry out scoring for fraud risk.

20 May 2022

TalkTalk says data breach litigation claimants conducting a “classic fishing expedition”

Counsel to TalkTalk has said that allowing parts of a data breach case against it to proceed would amount to “pure heresy in the face of all the jurisprudence”, following the claimants’ application for information about possible data breaches.

19 May 2022

Google slapped with €10 million GDPR fine

Spain’s data watchdog has issued its highest fine to date after finding that Google unlawfully transferred personal data to a US database.

18 May 2022

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