Wise facing legal action over GDPR SAR breach claims

A claimant says Wise – formerly known as TransferWise – failed to provide all of his personal data in a response to his subject access request, including copies of suspicious activity reports the company filed about him.

27 January 2022

LexisNexis article 27 liability case settles

A lawsuit about the liability of GDPR article 27 representatives has settled out of court ahead of its January appeal date.

25 January 2022

GDPR restricts beneficial ownership data use, advocate-general says

In an opinion that could restrict the dissemination of corporate ownership data, a European Court of Justice adviser has said the GDPR and fundamental rights laws should prevent member states from forcing the disclosure of any information that is not specifically ordered to be made available under EU law.

24 January 2022

LabMD suing US federal government over Tiversa hacking scandal

Armed with an Eleventh Circuit decision in his favour, LabMD owner Michael Daugherty continues to go after the US Federal Trade Commission for allegedly colluding with a hacker in an ill-conceived enforcement action – one that ultimately ruined his cancer-detection business.

21 January 2022

Tycoon targets investigations consultancy

A Singapore resident has sued intelligence provider S-RM over its provision of reports to Morgan Stanley and other clients which allegedly contained unsubstantiated claims of corruption and fraud and may have involved illegal international data transfers.

20 January 2022

Data privacy claims against Facebook survive early stage of antitrust lawsuit

A US federal court has ruled that it was plausible that consumers suffered an antitrust injury due to Facebook’s alleged data privacy violations.

18 January 2022

Meta faces £2.3 billion antitrust class action

A lead claimant plans to file an opt-out competition law class action against Facebook’s parent Meta in the UK’s first personal data-based mass antitrust claim.

14 January 2022

Hospital operator denies Bounty data breach liability

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has told an English judge that it is not responsible for parent support club Bounty’s allegedly unlawful collection and distribution of patients’ personal data.

12 January 2022

High Court hears Bounty data breach lawsuit

A trial has begun in a claim following up on a regulatory finding that pregnancy and parenting club Bounty UK illegally sold personal data to marketers without obtaining parental consent.

11 January 2022

US judge denies BrandTotal’s bid to delay discovery

Cost and the potential for bankruptcy are not justifiable reasons to relieve analytics firm BrandTotal of its discovery obligations in a dispute with Facebook, a US judge has ruled.

11 January 2022

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