Data security considerations add new wrinkle to Brazilian labour law

A Brazilian labour court has invoked the LGPD in a recent decision upholding the dismissal of an employee.

03 December 2021

ECJ advocate-general says consumer groups can sue Facebook

A European Court of Justice official has supported the right of consumer groups to launch data protection lawsuits, potentially opening a new front in GDPR battles against Facebook and others across the EU.

02 December 2021

PECR following Lloyd v Google

In the wake of Lloyd v Google, Keller Lenkner UK’s head of data breach Kingsley Hayes says PECR could become a powerful tool for claimants.

01 December 2021

Canadian Instagram users to receive C$25 million in damages

A Canadian court has ordered marketing platform Hyp3r to pay C$24.9 million (US$19.5 million) in damages after it failed to oppose a class action lawsuit.

29 November 2021

ECHR rules on right to be forgotten

The Strasbourg court has held that requiring a publisher to delist an online news story did not violate his right to freedom of expression.

26 November 2021

“Utterly uneconomic” breach case dismissed from High Court

A High Court judge has transferred a £3,000 data breach case that was set to rack up costs of nearly £50,000 to a small claims court in a strongly-worded judgment.

25 November 2021

Apple sues NSO

Apple says the embattled NSO Group has harmed the tech company and its users by illicitly accessing their devices.

24 November 2021

Lloyd v Google – are representative actions dead?

Taylor Wessing senior counsel Michael Yates examines the fallout of Lloyd v Google.

24 November 2021

Pure Legal rivals take over data breach cases

At least two prominent claimant-side litigation firms are set to pick up more than 700 Pure Legal GDPR cases after the firm went bust earlier this month.

23 November 2021

First civil antitrust suit based on data access filed in China

A data mining company has accused Chinese social media platform Weibo of trying to push it out of business by refusing to grant it access to troves of data, in the country’s first-ever civil case alleging that such a refusal violates antitrust law.

19 November 2021

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