Lloyd v Google looms over €10 billion English lawsuit

GDPR class actions remain rare in Europe, and claimants face plenty of obstacles. GDR exclusively reports on how the outcome of the English high-stakes Salesforce and Oracle class action could hinge on the outcome of another prominent case.

18 August 2020

Ryanair fails to obtain injunction in Skyscanner data-scraping litigation

Ireland’s High Court has refused to force Skyscanner to provide Ryanair with the email addresses of customers that book flights through the platform.

17 August 2020

Salesforce and Oracle face €10 billion Dutch and UK cookie litigation

In the highest-value GDPR lawsuit to date, a Dutch NGO is suing Salesforce and Oracle in a first-of-its-kind coordinated cross-border class action over the companies’ tracking cookie practices.

14 August 2020

US court rejects claims that Cambridge Analytica lies led to Facebook investor losses

Investors have until late September to file an amended complaint against Facebook after a San Jose federal court dismissed their claims that the company knowingly made false claims about the Cambridge Analytica scandal to prop up its stock price.

14 August 2020

Exclusive: British Airways hits back at GDPR class action

GDR exclusively reveals how British Airways is defending itself against cutting-edge arguments in the UK’s highest-profile GDPR data breach litigation.

13 August 2020

Zoom faces fresh suit over encryption claims

A consumer watchdog group has sued Zoom over allegedly misleading claims about its end-to-end encryption.

13 August 2020

New Jersey Supreme Court backs compelled phone unlocking

In a judgment that differs from some other US courts, New Jersey’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Fifth Amendment does not stop law enforcers from forcing individuals to grant access to their mobile phones.

12 August 2020

Third time lucky for EU/US data transfer deal?

The EU and US have begun discussions for an “enhanced” Privacy Shield that will comply with Schrems II, but experts fear that such a deal would undermine GDPR rights if the US refuses to curtail its surveillance practices.

11 August 2020

Court rules against UK police facial recognition, but no overall ban

In a closely watched test case, a UK appeal court has ruled that a police force’s use of automated facial surveillance was illegal under human rights and data protection law – but stopped short of banning all use of the controversial technology.

11 August 2020

France’s facial recognition law attacked

A French advocacy group has asked the country’s highest administrative court to repeal a law that authorises law enforcement to use facial recognition technology.

11 August 2020

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