Clearview fined €20 million

Italy’s data protection authority has ordered Clearview AI to pay €20 million for illegally processing the data of Italian citizens.

09 March 2022

Belgian watchdog resists reform

Belgium’s Data Protection Authority has hit back at proposals to overhaul its structure and oversight, after the European Commission threatened legal action over the regulator’s alleged lack of independence.

09 March 2022

Sanctions breed uncertainty for data

With new waves of sanctions coming thick and fast from Western governments, data and cloud providers are working under the fog of war.

08 March 2022

EDPB weighs in on settlements

The EDPB has put together a set of internal guidelines that data regulators can use to amicably resolve disputes between data subjects and companies – but the process may not be a reliable alternative to enforcement action or court cases.

07 March 2022

German state body hit with €1.9 million GDPR fine

The Bremen state data watchdog has said a state-owned housing association’s €1.9 million penalty would have been significantly higher if the company had not cooperated extensively with the investigation.

07 March 2022

Norway upholds Google’s refusal to delete search results

The Norwegian privacy appeals board has sided with the regulator and Google on a right to be forgotten case, refusing the claimant’s request to have his name deleted from search engine results relating to a prison sentence.

02 March 2022

Poland DPA issues highest fine to date

Poland’s data protection authority has slapped both an energy company and its data processor with penalties totalling more than 5.15 million zloty (€1 million) following a data breach.

01 March 2022

EU consults on insurance data-sharing commitments

Insurance Ireland has offered to make access to its data-sharing platform available to non-members on a fair and nondiscriminatory basis, as it looks to address competition concerns raised by the European Commission.

28 February 2022

Media company fined after demanding ID documents for SARs

The Dutch data protection authority has sanctioned DPG Media for forcing customers to present full copies of their ID in order to obtain access or deletion of their personal data.

25 February 2022

ECJ to weigh in on SAR tension with trade secrets

An Austrian court has asked the European Court of Justice to resolve questions about the amount of information organisations using algorithmic decision-making must divulge to fulfil subject access requests.

24 February 2022

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