Hamburg regulator uses GDPR urgency rules to chase Facebook

Hamburg’s data protection authority plans to block Facebook from collecting WhatsApp user data, using the GDPR’s urgency provision to bypass the Irish watchdog.

13 April 2021

Tech platform data leaks pile up

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn and upstart Clubhouse have joined Facebook as the latest technology companies to suffer large data leaks – but all three have insisted the leaks are not data breaches.

12 April 2021

TikTok facing Irish complaint

A Dutch consumer organisation has filed a GDPR complaint about TikTok to Ireland’s data regulator.

08 April 2021

Ticketmaster GDPR appeal on hold

Ticketmaster’s appeal against a UK GDPR fine has been stayed until a final judgment is issued in parallel data subject litigation.

08 April 2021

Facebook facing regulatory scrutiny over monster breach

At least four data enforcers are investigating after a huge trove of Facebook data was posted online over the weekend.

06 April 2021

World Bank: privacy isn’t just for rich countries

A new World Bank study has concluded that developing countries have the capacity to enforce comprehensive privacy laws – but warned that it may be too costly for small businesses in those jurisdictions to comply with complex laws like the GDPR.

01 April 2021

Facebook Italian appeal fails

The Italian Council of State has rejected arguments that the country’s consumer protection regulator was unable to fine Facebook for its data practices due to the existence of the GDPR.

01 April 2021

Brazil’s consumer and data protection authorities ink cooperation agreement

A deal between Brazil’s data watchdog and its consumer protection agency should provide more clarity to the private sector.

31 March 2021

GDR Special Report Q1 2021: AI regulation

GDR explores the European Commission's AI regulation plans.

31 March 2021

GDR Special Report Q1 2021: NIS 2 Directive

GDR explores the provisions of the EU's planned NIS 2 Directive.

31 March 2021

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