FTC scrutinises adtech

The US Federal Trade Commission has launched a probe into the adtech industry, ordering nine major social media and streaming platforms to provide records on how they collect and use consumer data for advertising.

15 December 2020

Details emerge of Canada’s largest financial data breach

The Canadian privacy regulator has revealed how poor data storage and access policies led to what’s believed to be the largest financial data breach in Canada’s history.

14 December 2020

CNIL ups the ante with heavy Google and Amazon fines

France’s data protection authority has hit Google and Amazon with the EU’s largest ever ePrivacy fines, in a move that escalates enforcement of the tricky but ubiquitous use of cookies.

10 December 2020

US enforcers: Facebook monopoly leaves it free to abuse privacy

The hotly anticipated antitrust lawsuits filed by US regulators against Facebook rely, in large part, on arguments that the company’s acquisitions of competitors have damaged consumer privacy across the entire internet.

10 December 2020

Google and Amazon receive huge fines in France

Google and Amazon have been hit with big fines in France over cookies issues.

10 December 2020

US FTC: Data broker’s sloppy information restricted access to housing

The US Federal Trade Commission has fined a housing data company $4.25 million for producing inaccurate background reports that may have caused people to be unfairly denied housing opportunities.

09 December 2020

New GDPR fines guidance from UK ICO – a missed opportunity?

Forensic Risk Alliance partner Simon Taylor reflects on the shortcomings of the ICO’s draft statutory guidance.

09 December 2020

IAB Europe: Belgian authority doesn’t understand TCF

The influential adtech trade body IAB Europe has slammed a recent report from the Belgian data protection authority, saying the regulator doesn’t understand the commonly used transparency and consent framework.

08 December 2020

Big-ticket Italian fines half the size of headline figures

Two Italian companies ordered to pay some of the largest fines under the GDPR actually only paid 50% of the penalties announced by the country’s data regulator.

07 December 2020

FTC-mandated data sharing agreement to end early

A company has benefitted from a US Federal Trade Commission data remedy to such an extent that the authority has agreed to end a mandatory data-sharing agreement two years early.

04 December 2020

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