FTC’s Chopra: Criminally charge stalker app developers

The US Federal Trade Commission has banned the developer of a so-called stalker app from the surveillance industry – though the owner has told GDR that there is no record of his product being used for nefarious purposes. Meanwhile, FTC member Rohit Chopra has called for criminal penalties against such activities.

02 September 2021

EDPB intervention quadruples WhatsApp fine

Ireland’s privacy watchdog has fined WhatsApp €225 million over its data processing arrangements with parent company Facebook, after the European Data Protection Board forced the regulator to change its draft decision.

02 September 2021

GDR launches ECJ Case Tracker tool

Subscribers can keep up to date with all GDPR-era cases referred to the EU’s highest court.

27 August 2021

ECJ Case Tracker

The GDR European Court of Justice Case Tracker allows subscribers to monitor all GDPR-era cases in the EU's highest court.

27 August 2021

Norway probes DNA testing platform

Norway’s data watchdog has ordered a genealogy company to respond to questions about its data processing practices, following concerns that it is not GDPR compliant.

26 August 2021

FTC expands attack on Facebook data policies

An updated Federal Trade Commission antitrust complaint against Facebook has added detail about the privacy impact caused by the company’s allegedly monopolistic conduct.

24 August 2021

Danish watchdog launches security investigations

Denmark’s data protection authority has sent questionnaires focused on security measures to 30 organisations in a bid to scale up and better target its investigations.

24 August 2021

Nigeria hits fintech platform with privacy fine

Nigeria’s data watchdog has fined lending platform SokoLoan for a slew of violations of the country’s privacy legislation.

20 August 2021

Pearson fined for failing to tell investors about data breach

A global education company has agreed to pay US$1 million to end an investigation of misleading statements it made to investors after suffering a data breach.

19 August 2021

China gives apps one week to fix data use

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) warned 43 apps, including Tencent, over their use of personal data – giving them one week to comply.

19 August 2021

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