Nigerian data regulator investigates phone ID app

The Nigerian data protection authority has opened an investigation into Swedish caller ID app Truecaller.

25 September 2019

Trading platform to pay $2 million to settle SEC charges

TMC Bonds will pay $2 million to settle charges arising from its failure to protect confidential subscriber data, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said yesterday.

25 September 2019

Belgian watchdog fines retailer for minimisation failure

The Belgian data protection authority has imposed a €10,000 fine for collecting too much information from customers when setting up a loyalty card scheme.

20 September 2019

Poland hits shopping site with its largest GDPR fine to date

Poland’s data watchdog has fined the shopping site morele.net around €650,000 for a data breach it claims affected more than 2 million people.

19 September 2019

Berlin data regulator targets subject right violations

Berlin’s data protection authority has fined food delivery company Delivery Hero around €195,000 for violating data subject rights.

19 September 2019

Dutch minister investigates DPA finances

The Netherlands’ Minister for Legal Protection has said obvious “bottlenecks” in the Dutch data watchdog’s practices warrant a review of its finances, amid concerns about the authority’s ability to keep up with its increased workload.

18 September 2019

SEC agrees multimillion-dollar settlements over deficient data

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has fined two investment banks that failed to provide accurate financial information due to coding errors.

17 September 2019

Facebook outlines concerns with UK antitrust study

Facebook has criticised the UK’s competition authority for detailing potential remedies at the beginning of a market study into online platforms and digital advertising.

13 September 2019

Russian watchdog targets Facebook and Google over political ads

Observers say Russian safe harbour provisions that normally protect companies from liability issues arising from hosted content may not apply to Google and Facebook’s alleged serving of political adverts during a campaigning ban.

12 September 2019

Record YouTube COPPA settlement too low, Democrat commissioners say

Google has reached a record $170 million COPPA settlement with the Federal Trade Commission and New York’s Attorney General – but the agency’s Democrat commissioners have said the deal doesn’t go far enough.

04 September 2019

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