FTC commissioner has no records to support Facebook privacy improvement claims

A member of the US Federal Trade Commission has made claims that the regulator’s $5 billion settlement with Facebook has already resulted in meaningful privacy gains despite not having any proof of such changes, GDR has found.

01 May 2020

Anonymous company fights Dutch biometrics fine

The Dutch data protection authority has fined an unnamed company €725,000 for taking fingerprint scans of its employees – but the company is fighting the penalty.

01 May 2020

Colombian watchdog to probe Zoom’s data privacy

The Colombian data protection regulator is looking into Zoom’s privacy and security practices after the number of people using the video conferencing app has soared.

29 April 2020

Facebook accuses Canadian regulator of conducting unfair investigation

Details of Facebook’s application for judicial review of the Canadian data regulator’s investigation into the Cambridge Analytica scandal have emerged, with the social media giant accusing the authority of lacking impartiality and fairness.

28 April 2020

Anomalous Finnish cookie consent ruling challenged

Finland’s telecoms regulator has ruled that browser settings can provide consent for websites to use cookies – prompting a complainant to ask the European Commission to step in.

28 April 2020

US judge: FTC’s ‘stunning’ Facebook allegations call into question country’s privacy regime

A US federal judge has approved the settlement between Facebook and the US Federal Trade Commission over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but said the case calls into question the adequacy of US privacy laws.

24 April 2020

Facebook seeks judicial review of Cambridge Analytica probe

Facebook has attacked “severe legal and procedural flaws” in the Cambridge Analytica-sparked Canadian federal investigation of the company’s data privacy conduct.

23 April 2020

Covid-19 prompts data enforcement slowdown

Data regulators are backing off from enforcement and relaxing stances on tough issues like data sharing in order to let data holders focus resources towards the covid-19 crisis.

22 April 2020

Facebook loses Colombian cybersecurity appeal

Colombia’s data protection enforcer has ordered Facebook to certifiably improve its security measures in the country – quashing an appeal by the social media company in the process.

16 April 2020

Emergency measures force Google to pay publishers for content use

A French regulator has given Google three months to negotiate an acceptable fee to pay news publishers for displaying their content in its search results, following allegations that the company implemented abusive practices after the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive.

14 April 2020

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