Spanish football league to challenge GDPR penalty

Spain’s data protection watchdog has ordered La Liga to pay a €250,000 penalty for allegedly spying on users of its mobile app without their consent – but the league is set to appeal against the fine.

12 June 2019

Lithuanian watchdog starts D-Link GDPR probe

Lithuania’s data protection authority is investigating a Taiwanese communications hardware company over allegations that its routers sent data to Russia – two years after the company faced a US federal investigation over its data security practices.

12 June 2019

Danish authority proposes fine for retention failures

Denmark’s data privacy enforcer has proposed its largest GDPR fine yet for a furniture store’s failure to implement and enforce a data retention policy.

11 June 2019

Bombas hit with penalty over failure to notify data breach

Online sock company Bombas has agreed to pay $65,000 and improve its data security protocols to resolve a New York state investigation into its conduct in the wake of a 2014 data breach.

11 June 2019

Hong Kong condemns Cathay Pacific security

Hong Kong’s privacy enforcer has ordered airline Cathay Pacific to enhance its cybersecurity in the wake of a data breach that affected nearly 10 million customers.

07 June 2019

CNIL targets poor data security for second GDPR fine

France’s data protection regulator has fined property development company SERGIC €400,000 after finding the company had failed to protect user data or put in place retention periods.

06 June 2019

ECJ: Skype VoIP service can be subject to telecoms regulation

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Skype’s voice over IP function is an electronic communications service within the meaning of EU telecommunications rules, potentially subjecting it to sectoral regulation.

06 June 2019

Czech enforcer pursues credit register

The Czech data protection watchdog plans to punish an online debtor register for its data practices – but says it is unable to shut down the website hosting the data in the meantime.

06 June 2019

Schakowsky: FTC needs more resources

The chair of the US House Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce has said the Federal Trade Commission sorely needs more resources to enforce data privacy rules.

06 June 2019

New York regulator investigates mortgage data breach

New York’s financial services regulator is reportedly investigating a mortgage insurance company for an alleged data breach affecting 885 million financial records.

05 June 2019

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