Interview: data commercialisation with Alex Brown

Law firm Simmons & Simmons recently carried out a survey identifying the habits of “data laggards” and “data leaders”. The firm’s TMT head Alex Brown spoke to GDR about data commercialisation and its interplay with compliance efforts.

12 November 2019

Interview with Wojciech Wiewiórowski

At a conference in Berlin, GDR spoke to the second in command at the European Data Protection Supervisor about making enforcers talk to each other, his term as assistant supervisor coming to an end, and, naturally, the GDPR.

03 October 2019

Spain’s data bar

Data lawyers won’t forget the European Court of Justice’s 2014 Google Spain ruling – and its confirmation of the right to be forgotten – anytime soon. Spain continues to make its mark in data protection: its regulator, the AEPD, which kickstarted the ECJ litigation by backing the individuals’ delisting request, is a force to be reckoned with, and the country’s GDPR implementing legislation creates rights found nowhere else in Europe.

03 October 2019

Interview with Patricia Poku

On the sidelines of the inaugural African Regional Data Protection and Privacy Conference in Accra, Ghana’s data protection commissioner, Patricia Poku, discussed African privacy frameworks, her agency’s funding – and what motivated her to move to Ghana after spending decades in Europe.

03 October 2019

Interview with Sophie Kwasny

The head of the Council of Europe’s data protection unit spoke to GDR at the inaugural African Regional Data Protection and Privacy Conference about her work on Convention 108+, supporting nascent data privacy frameworks and the role of Africa in global data policy.

03 October 2019

Peeling back the mask

Traditionally, hacking victims wanting to retaliate have had little choice but to rely on law enforcement. Now, a growing band of them are increasingly turning to the US court system – and the extensive discovery powers it endows – to take matters into their own hands.

03 October 2019

Breaking open the black box

Concerns over the ethics of AI have led to a flurry of white papers and policy recommendations from governments and businesses. But will they be a precursor for regulation?

03 October 2019

Mixed messages from Poland: the uneasy relationship between regulations on reuse and the GDPR

CMS partner Tomasz Koryzma and senior associate Damian Karwala analyse the friction between the GDPR and the EU’s directive on the reuse of public information, in the wake of the Polish data regulator’s landmark Bisnode GDPR case.

03 October 2019

Bird & Bird consultancy Oxygy on data monetisation

Consultants at Bird & Bird offshoot Oxygy spoke with GDR about blending commercial opportunities with regulatory reality.

30 August 2019

Military nominee seems likely for Brazil data watchdog

Brazil’s strongman president Jair Bolsonaro has used his first year in office to stuff the government with military types. Observers fret the country’s first data protection agency awaits the same fate.

23 August 2019

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