Most influential in data – part I

GDR has profiled the 50 most influential members of the data community, with the intention of identifying and highlighting leaders and trailblazers. Read the first five profiles here.

22 September 2020

Introducing the 50 most influential people in data

Where some lead, others follow. GDR has profiled the most influential members of the data community, with the intention of identifying and highlighting leaders and trailblazers.

21 September 2020

Locked screen

An increasingly popular data-gathering policy in African countries has exposed weaknesses in regulatory frameworks across the continent.

16 September 2020

Balancing privacy and analytic utility: Are your datasets really anonymous?

Maurice Coyle, chief data scientist at IBM and Mastercard collaboration Trūata, unpacks independent data stewardship, managing data set risks and the necessary trade-off between data set utility and protecting privacy.

15 September 2020

The anatomy of a data strategy

Behind the wall of cliché and spin associated with data-driven transformation lie two fundamental truths. One concerns the eventual aim, which is to make better decisions. The other is about the process – which is not about technology or regulations, but change management.

14 September 2020

Opening up data: the Open Data Institute’s mission

Jeni Tennison is the vice president and chief strategy adviser of the Open Data Institute. She tells GDR about the NGO’s aim to open up data, and what that means in practice.

11 September 2020

The prospects and pitfalls of contact-tracing apps

Contact-tracing apps have failed to live up to their initial hype during the covid-19 pandemic, but technologists and policymakers are still grappling with the issues surrounding the apps with the hope that they can be effective in fighting future disease outbreaks.

10 September 2020

Survey: Latin American companies skimping on cybersecurity

A survey of Latin American in-house lawyers carried out by GDR sister publication the Latin American Corporate Counsel Association (LACCA) has found a large discrepancy between what in-house departments spend on technology and the amount they dedicate to cybersecurity.

09 September 2020

Privacy in a pandemic

As countries around the world rush to control the spread of the covid-19 virus, privacy regulators are keen to have their say on data sharing. But some watchdogs are finding their guidance largely ignored – raising questions about the true influence of data protection authorities.

08 September 2020

What covid-19 means for data lawyers in the long term

As organisations all around the world slash their budgets in response to the economic downturn caused by the covid-19 pandemic, lawyers and advisers have been forced to grapple with an existential question: how essential is data?

07 September 2020

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