Law: California Privacy Rights Act 2020 (USA)

Regulator toys with narrowing CPRA requirements

The CPPA is considering lowering the threshold of companies that must conduct cybersecurity audits and other California Privacy Rights Act draft regulation considerations.

12 September 2023

CPRA draft cybersecurity and risk assessment requirements borrow from predecessors

Drafts of the long-awaited California Privacy Rights Act’s cybersecurity audit and risk assessment regulations align with other states’ and federal regulations as the agency considers its scope.

06 September 2023

TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab breach blues: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 1 September 2023

A Michigan judge preliminarily approves a $9.5 million Preservation of Personal Privacy Act settlement; TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab sued over data breach; and the American Bar Association launches AI task force.

01 September 2023

CPPA fights back against court-ordered enforcement delay

California’s privacy authority has filed a petition to overturn a court decision that paused enforcement of new regulations, saying the order left consumers without privacy protections.

08 August 2023

Court-ordered pause doesn’t halt CPPA enforcement

The California Privacy Protection Agency’s review of connected vehicles’ data privacy policies signals the regulator’s efforts are continuing despite a state court delaying some of its enforcement abilities.

07 August 2023

CPRA hold-up: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 3 July 2023

The CPRA is on hold; a class action has survived a motion to dismiss claims that YouTube’s video editing tools violate the Biometric Information Privacy Act; and lawmakers have reintroduced a bill that aims to create a data broker registry and do not track list.

03 July 2023

CCPA compliance check: employees as “consumers”

Morgan Lewis & Bockius partner Gregory Parks, of counsel Catherine North Hounfodji and associate Terese Schireson explore the new employee data rights and processing tasks required by the California Privacy Rights Act.

14 April 2023

Implement data minimisation or face CCPA litigation, says report

The number of claims brought under the California Consumer Privacy Act have halved year-on-year, but incoming amendments to the act this year may boost privacy litigation.

06 April 2023

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