ECJ rules on police biometric data collection

The European Court of Justice has said the systematic collection of biometric and genetic data of accused individuals is contrary to EU law that requires enhanced protection for sensitive personal data.

27 January 2023

Farewell to the “toothless tiger” – Slovenia implements GDPR

The Slovenian GDPR implementing act entered into force today, giving the country’s data watchdog the long-awaited power to issue administrative fines.

26 January 2023

Spanish location data decision struck down

A Spanish court has annulled a regulatory decision that backed a telecommunications company’s refusal to provide a data subject with their location data – in an appeal that the regulator declined to resist.

25 January 2023

Belgium opens the door to third party appeals

Belgium’s Constitutional Court has ruled that interested third parties can challenge decisions by the Belgian data watchdog, in a move that could increase pressure on the regulator from NGOs and competitors dissatisfied with investigative outcomes.

25 January 2023

EDPB report bemoans state of EU public cloud procurement

The EDPB has named a lack of bargaining power on the part of public authorities as one of the factors pushing those bodies towards unfavourable and possibly illegal cloud service solutions.

23 January 2023

ICO may ease data breach reporting obligations

The UK data regulator could stop enforcing a 24-hour breach notification requirement for communication service providers as part of an ongoing effort to reduce compliance burdens for businesses.

20 January 2023

ECJ case may create “significant” insolvency hurdles

A recent European Court of Justice referral could influence the debate over the tradability of data, with insolvency lawyers raising concerns that the case could restrict the ability of creditors to satisfy claims over databases.

20 January 2023

Hamburg regulator granted further enforcement powers

Hamburg’s parliament has granted the state data regulator further enforcement powers, including the power to issue fines over cookie failures.

20 January 2023

Ireland and EDPB clash again over WhatsApp investigation

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner has threatened more court action against the EDPB, after the European body again ordered the data watchdog to launch a further investigation into WhatsApp following a €5.5 million penalty.

19 January 2023

EDPB reaches cookie consensus

The EDPB has published an overview of acceptable practice for cookie banners, following a year in which millions of euros of fines have been handed out for misbehaviour in the space.

18 January 2023

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