Italian decree weakens data protection authority, but changes may not last

The Italian government has issued a decree limiting the scope of the country’s privacy watchdog as part of its covid-19 efforts – but one expert observer said the changes will likely not receive parliamentary approval.

12 October 2021

ICO says government reforms would harm independence

The UK data regulator has broadly supported government plans to reform the country’s data framework – but voiced strong concerns that some of the proposals could threaten its independence.

11 October 2021

China imposes €460 million platform fine

China’s competition enforcer has issued leading food delivery platform Meituan with its second-highest fine on record for forcing merchants to exclusively use its platform and pay a fee to do so.

11 October 2021

Luxembourg DPA issues second-highest fine

The Luxembourg privacy watchdog has issued a €135,000 fine to an un-named life insurance provider.

07 October 2021

UK litigation Q3 2021 update: a slowdown, but not a halt

A recent judgment appears to have slowed the growth of UK data protection claims, but some plaintiff firms continue to drive the market.

07 October 2021

Advocate-general slams GDPR sprawl

A European Court of Justice adviser has questioned whether EU data protection law affects an overly broad swathe of data, and said the court’s expansionist approach is turning the GDPR into one of bloc’s “most … disregarded legislative frameworks”.

06 October 2021

Offshore regulator left in the dark about Pandora Papers

GDR has learned that the Cayman Islands data protection authority has received no breach notifications about what is reportedly the largest trove of leaked offshore financial data in history.

05 October 2021

EU data-sharing legislation moves forward

Despite criticism from European politicians and data protection institutions, EU member states have agreed to move forward with the Data Governance Act.

05 October 2021

ByteDance to provide settlement notification via TikTok inbox

A US judge has blessed the $92 million settlement between ByteDance and plaintiffs after the company agreed to directly notify TikTok users about the deal.

04 October 2021

China to set up algorithm regulation

The Chinese cyberspace regulator says it will set up rules to govern the use of algorithms in around three years – the latest in the country’s efforts to regulate its digital sector.

04 October 2021

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