Senators introduce new AI regulations but passage seems doubtful

US senators have argued the need for AI regulations during a recent hearing, but mustering widespread support for comprehensive AI laws may not be on the horizon.

14 September 2023

ECHR rules against UK surveillance of non-residents

The European Court of Human rights has ruled that the UK government’s bulk surveillance regime violated the privacy of two foreign nationals – settling jurisdictional questions on the rights of non-residents to bring such claims.

13 September 2023

Meta faces another AI copyright class action

Authors including Pulitzer winner Michael Chabon have accused Meta of illegally feeding their published works into its large language model – the latest in a slew of litigation filed against major AI operators.

13 September 2023

DOJ argues Musk can’t end X’s FTC administrative order

The US Department of Justice said X’s motion to terminate a 2022 FTC administrative order should be dismissed and claims that the FTC is biased and interfered in X’s audit are false.

13 September 2023

Special Report: EU representative actions – the future of data claims?

Could billion-euro claims fulfil activists’ hopes of deterring breaches of the GDPR and meet the public enforcement gap, or will procedural obstacles and funding issues kill off their cases?

12 September 2023

Regulator toys with narrowing CPRA requirements

The CPPA is considering lowering the threshold of companies that must conduct cybersecurity audits and other California Privacy Rights Act draft regulation considerations.

12 September 2023

Tencent enters the arms race: AI newsletter 11 September 2023

The importance of marching in lockstep to develop harmonised standards for AI continues to be on the lips of every politician in front of a microphone, while at home governments are busy doing whatever they think best – the UK with its new safety evaluation process, the US with yet another boldly bipartisan proposal, and Japan with a new proposal for some guidelines. Meanwhile, yet another global tech giant has deployed a large language model.

11 September 2023

X seeks California content moderation law block

The company formerly known as Twitter has sued to stop the enforcement of a California law that it said imposes illegal content moderation requirements onto social media platforms.

11 September 2023

China fines academic publisher 50 million yuan

China’s data protection authority has fined the country’s largest academic publisher 50 million yuan after a review of the company’s cybersecurity processes uncovered a breach of personal data protection rules.

11 September 2023

Meta Pixel healthcare class action survives

A judge has refused to fully dismiss a class action alleging Meta’s Pixel collected healthcare data without consent.

08 September 2023

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