HHS suspends HIPAA rules to encourage telemedicine use

The US Department of Health & Human Services has suspended certain HIPAA rules to encourage the expansion of telemedicine in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

19 March 2020

Facebook attacks data antitrust litigation

Facebook is seeking to shut down a lawsuit that has challenged its data access policies.

18 March 2020

UK makes adequacy sales pitch

The UK government has begun its attempts to persuade the European Commission to grant the country adequacy post-Brexit – a decision worth billions, but which is dogged by doubts over the use of data by UK spying agencies.

18 March 2020

Coronavirus affects data regulators around the globe

The coronavirus outbreak is set to test the limits of institutions and organisations the world over – including data watchdogs.

17 March 2020

Croatian watchdog reports GDPR fine against bank

The Croatian regulator has fined a credit institution for allegedly failing to provide personal information documents to its customers upon request – but has not released details of the penalty or which company it is against.

17 March 2020

All GDR coronavirus coverage free to view

Global Data Review will be putting all its coverage relating to Covid-19 and the coronavirus in front of the usual paywall. This applies to all future stories as well as to our back catalogue of pieces.

17 March 2020

Browser competitor attacks Google business model

A serial privacy activist has attacked Google’s business model in a wide-ranging complaint to the Irish data protection authority – but Google has said the complaints do not stand up to scrutiny.

16 March 2020

Japan tightens data protection rules

The Japanese government has introduced a slew of amendments to its data protection law which strengthen individual data rights and up enforcement measures to include jail time.

16 March 2020

Coronavirus puts data sharing in uncharted territory

US President Donald Trump has put enormous pressure on tech firms and other companies to help contain the coronavirus outbreak – putting those entities in a difficult predicament of trying to help with a global pandemic while still following privacy rules.

16 March 2020

Some FBI spying powers in limbo with lapse of Freedom Act

Preoccupied by the coronavirus crisis, Congress did not renew the Freedom Act before it lapsed on Sunday – resulting in the suspension of some surveillance powers used by US intelligence agencies.

16 March 2020