Canadian privacy commissioner casts doubt on standard business practices

In renewing his call for a new national data protection framework, Canada’s federal privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien has warned against including an overly broad standard business practices provision – a concept similar to the GDPR’s legitimate interest basis for non-consent-based data processing.

11 December 2019

Statistics Canada puts hold on data collection

Canada’s national statistics office has agreed to put two bulk data collection projects on hold after the country’s federal privacy commissioner raised “significant” concerns.

11 December 2019

Fitness and data: the new frontier?

Equator marketing and innovation director Martin Jordan explores the implications of the Google/Fitbit deal.

11 December 2019

Schrems files coordinated cookie consent complaint

A privacy non-profit led by Max Schrems has filed coordinated GDPR complaints in France on behalf of a user who refused cookies on various sites, only to find the website operators told adtech partners they had received consent. 

10 December 2019

German telco to appeal multimillion-euro GDPR fine

Telecommunications company 1&1 has vowed to fight a €9.5 million GDPR fine levied against it by Germany’s federal data protection regulator.

10 December 2019

ICO readies another GDPR case

The UK’s data watchdog is at an advanced stage of at least three GDPR enforcement proceedings, GDR has learned.

09 December 2019

Hungarian competition watchdog fines Facebook for “free” claims

Hungary’s competition watchdog has fined Facebook €3.6 million over claims its services are “free”, saying the company gains value from user data. 

09 December 2019

Facebook biometrics case hits Supreme Court

Facebook has asked the US Supreme Court to review a decision that greenlit a biometric data class action lawsuit against the company, arguing that its facial recognition software did not cause plaintiffs to suffer a real-world injury.

09 December 2019

FTC slaps Cambridge Analytica 

The US Federal Trade Commission found that the now-defunct Cambridge Analytica used deceptive practices to harvest personal data.

09 December 2019

Former commissioners: FTC needs major boost to enforce privacy legislation

The number of Federal Trade Commission staffers available to work on data privacy-related cases needs to be increased nearly tenfold in order to effectively enforce federal privacy legislation, the US Senate Committee on Commerce has been told.

06 December 2019