Judge’s initial order cuts down much of Meta patient data suit

A San Francisco federal judge has issued a tentative order variously granting and dismissing a massive data privacy class action regarding Meta Pixel’s collection of the user activity of online hospital portals.

16 August 2023

ICO touts cookie banner enforcement action

The UK regulator has announced it will evaluate the cookie banners of the most frequently visited websites in the country’s, and take action where it finds that harmful design is impacting users.

15 August 2023

Orrick faces class action over data breach

Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe has been hit with a class action suit after a data breach at the firm allegedly exposed clients’ personal data.

15 August 2023

UK law firm hit with ICO data security reprimand

The UK’s privacy regulator has reprimanded Swinburne Snowball & Jackson solicitors following a breach that revealed underlying data security violations at the firm.

14 August 2023

US moves against China and Google sings for its supper: AI newsletter 14 August 2023

The summer slowdown has done little to touch AI. Hundreds of millions of dollars are still pouring into the highest profile companies, while the US wields its executive might to try and divert that stream away from Beijing.

14 August 2023

ECJ to consider further non-material damages questions

A Latvian court has sent the European Court of Justice multiple questions on the interpretation of non-material damages under the GDPR.

11 August 2023

Romain Robert: the exit interview

Noyb programme director Romain Robert has been a key part of the team that has gone from being known as “privacy fundamentalists” to the “28th data protection authority” over the past five years. At the end of his three-year tenure at the NGO, he tells GDR about what GDPR issues need further work, the state of civil society, and the future of enforcement.

11 August 2023

Argentina investigates Worldcoin as global concern builds

Argentina’s data protection authority has launched an investigation into Worldcoin’s data processing activities, joining a growing list of regulators eyeing OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman’s latest project.

10 August 2023

Fraser Sampson: the exit interview

Fraser Sampson, the Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, is leaving his position at the end of October as the forthcoming Data Protection and Digital Information Bill abolishes the latter half of his role. He spoke to GDR about the line between data protection and surveillance regulation, and the UK’s shortcomings in managing the emerging risks around new AI-enabled surveillance techniques like facial recognition.

10 August 2023

O’Carroll responds to Meta ad profiling defence

The activist has filed her reply to the company’s defence against her UK High Court claim alleging it violated her right to object under the UK GDPR, revealing a rift between the parties on the definition of direct marketing and whether advertising constitutes a core part of the Facebook service.

09 August 2023

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