DSG: ICO personal data mistake “fatal” to fining decision

A barrister for DSG Retail has argued that fundamental mistakes in an Information Commissioner’s Office monetary penalty notice warrants a full dismissal of the decision, rather than any “major surgery”.

22 November 2021

Final version of Digital Markets Act casts a wide net

The European Parliament is set to agree on a text for the Digital Markets Act that would see a broader definition of a 'gatekeeper' than some lawmakers had hoped for.

22 November 2021

EDPB clarifies GDPR data transfers

European data protection regulators have appeared to support the development of new standard contractual clauses for non-EU processing in draft guidelines that clarify personal data transfers under the GDPR.

22 November 2021

First civil antitrust suit based on data access filed in China

A data mining company has accused Chinese social media platform Weibo of trying to push it out of business by refusing to grant it access to troves of data, in the country’s first-ever civil case alleging that such a refusal violates antitrust law.

19 November 2021

Facebook disputes research about how it uses children’s data

Recent research claims Facebook is failing to live up to promises that it would restrict the use of children’s data for targeted advertising, but the social media giant says the research is inaccurate.

19 November 2021

Singapore issues fine over large breach

Singapore’s privacy regulator has fined a hotel booking platform operator after a hack exposed the personal data of 5.9 million customers – the largest breach since the country’s data protection regime came into force.

19 November 2021

US makes ransomware a top national security priority

The US has responded to the increasing size and consequence of ransomware attacks by throwing the full weight of its national security state at the problem.

18 November 2021

ECJ urged to restate data retention rules – again

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has reiterated that member states’ bulk data interception could breach EU law.

18 November 2021

ICO probes Google and Apple over app age ratings

The UK’s data watchdog is questioning dozens of companies, including Google and Apple, after a charity reported child privacy and safety concerns – with possible action to come in the spring.

18 November 2021

Another "very modest" claim kicked out of High Court

A procedural judge has rejected arguments that a low-value data breach lawsuit should be heard in the High Court of England and Wales while declining to strike it out altogether – marking the latest in a string of UK data protection losses for claimants.

17 November 2021

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