Organisation: European Court of Justice

ECJ adviser says automated credit scoring is profiling

A European Court of Justice adviser has said in two separate opinions that automated loan scoring constitutes profiling under the GDPR, regulators’ decisions are subject to judicial review, and limits apply to the retention of data from public registers by credit agencies.

16 March 2023

ECJ clarifies interactions between GDPR and civil discovery

The European Court of Justice has confirmed the GDPR applies to disclosure orders in civil litigation, forcing courts to balance the interests of affected data subjects against those who seek evidence.

02 March 2023

WhatsApp takes €225 million appeal to the ECJ

WhatsApp has taken its fight to overturn an EDPB recommendation to the EU’s highest court, after its first instance court shot down its first appeal.

22 February 2023

ECJ clarifies conditions for DPO dismissals

The European Court of Justice has clarified the extent to which conflicts of interest can justify the dismissal of data protection officers.

09 February 2023

Irish court pauses data breach claim to await ECJ decision

The Dublin Circuit Court has agreed to put a data breach damages case on hold pending the outcome of half a dozen highly-anticipated European Court of Justice decisions.

30 January 2023

ECJ rules on police biometric data collection

The European Court of Justice has said the systematic collection of biometric and genetic data of accused individuals is contrary to EU law that requires enhanced protection for sensitive personal data.

27 January 2023

ECJ case may create “significant” insolvency hurdles

A recent European Court of Justice referral could influence the debate over the tradability of data, with insolvency lawyers raising concerns that the case could restrict the ability of creditors to satisfy claims over databases.

20 January 2023

Finnish court sends questions about oral disclosure of data to ECJ

A Finnish court has referred questions on the scope of processing in the context of oral disclosures of data and the possibility of harmonising the right of access.

17 January 2023

ECJ confirms broad scope of access rights

The European Court of Justice has confirmed controllers must reveal the specific recipients of any data they shared in their responses to access requests, unless it is impossible or excessive to do so.

12 January 2023

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