Organisation: Lower Saxony Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Germany)

Barbara Thiel again fails to challenge successor appointment

An appeal court has said Lower Saxony’s former data protection head lacks standing in her challenge to the appointment of her successor.

18 September 2023

Lower Saxony regulator loses challenge to successor’s appointment

The Administrative Court of Hannover has rejected an action brought by Barbara Thiel, the current head of Lower Saxony’s data protection watchdog, against the appointment of her successor.

26 June 2023

“The truth is on the pitch”: German regulators on EDPB US adequacy opinion

German regulators have expressed broad support for the European Data Protection Board’s position on the EU-US draft adequacy decision, but concerns remain over how it will be implemented in practice.

02 March 2023

Amazon wins employee data collection appeal against Lower Saxony regulator

The Administrative Court of Hanover has overruled an order by a German state regulator against an Amazon fulfilment centre which prevented the company from continuously processing employee performance data.

10 February 2023

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