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OpenAI and Microsoft data harvesting class action dropped

Plaintiffs have voluntarily dismissed a class action alleging OpenAI steals internet users’ personal data to develop its software.

18 September 2023

OpenAI hit with another US privacy challenge

ChatGPT’s developer is once again being accused of disregarding privacy laws and harvesting personal data without obtaining informed user consent to develop its AI products.

07 September 2023

Big Tech financials and global conversations: AI newsletter 31 July 2023

While Microsoft and Meta give proof, if proof were needed, of the scale of the costs involved in making AI a daily reality, the House of Lords discussed its application in intelligence-gathering and Amazon made another foray into the healthcare sector.

31 July 2023

Hungary investigates Microsoft’s ChatGPT terms

Hungary’s competition authority has started an investigation of Microsoft for failing to provide adequate information to users of its Bing search engine’s ChatGPT-backed AI search function.

26 July 2023

New rules from Beijing and Apple enters the chatbot race: AI newsletter 24 July 2023

Welcome to GDR’s first AI newsletter, highlighting the most important policy, legal and market developments in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space from the last week. In this edition the EU and US agree to team up on oversight of AI in financial services, China releases new regulations on generative AI, and Deloitte predicts that the market will stay cool.

24 July 2023

FTC’s Pixel, Google Analytics warning letters: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 24 July 2023

The FTC and US Department of Health and Human Services sent 130-plus hospital systems and telehealth providers letters regarding Meta Pixel, Google Analytics and other online analytics tools’ potential privacy risks; and the European Commission and the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are informally teaming up to tackle financial institutions’ potential privacy risks.

24 July 2023

CPRA hold-up: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 3 July 2023

The CPRA is on hold; a class action has survived a motion to dismiss claims that YouTube’s video editing tools violate the Biometric Information Privacy Act; and lawmakers have reintroduced a bill that aims to create a data broker registry and do not track list.

03 July 2023

OpenAI class action attacks privacy practices

A class action lawsuit has accused OpenAI of stealing personal data from hundreds of millions of internet users without consent in order to develop products such as ChatGPT.

29 June 2023

Labour government to push for stricter UK AI rules

A Labour government would introduce more stringent AI regulation, including licences for foundation models and more centralised oversight, the party’s head of digital has said.

06 June 2023

Microsoft earmarks $425 million for LinkedIn fine

Microsoft has set nearly half a billion dollars aside for an upcoming penalty against subsidiary LinkedIn for GDPR breaches related to targeted advertising – but said it intends to dispute the suggested penalty figure.

02 June 2023

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