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Dutch privacy class action wave hits Google and Twitter

Big Tech companies continue to face a series of mass claims in the Netherlands, with Google and Twitter being the latest to face NGO-led representative action lawsuits.

14 September 2023

DOJ argues Musk can’t end X’s FTC administrative order

The US Department of Justice said X’s motion to terminate a 2022 FTC administrative order should be dismissed and claims that the FTC is biased and interfered in X’s audit are false.

13 September 2023

X seeks California content moderation law block

The company formerly known as Twitter has sued to stop the enforcement of a California law that it said imposes illegal content moderation requirements onto social media platforms.

11 September 2023

Twitter sues NGO over data scraping

The company formerly known as Twitter has accused the Center for Countering Digital Hate of directly scraping data and accessing a secure database without authorisation.

02 August 2023

Twitter sues over unauthorised scraping

The platform formerly known as Twitter has alleged that Israel- and New York-based Bright Data built an “illicit” data-scraping business off its user records.

27 July 2023

FTC’s Pixel, Google Analytics warning letters: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 24 July 2023

The FTC and US Department of Health and Human Services sent 130-plus hospital systems and telehealth providers letters regarding Meta Pixel, Google Analytics and other online analytics tools’ potential privacy risks; and the European Commission and the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are informally teaming up to tackle financial institutions’ potential privacy risks.

24 July 2023

Twitter slams FTC “extraordinary misconduct”

Twitter has asked a court to end its 2022 Federal Trade Commission privacy settlement due to the regulator’s alleged attempt to interfere with external assessors at Ernst & Young.

13 July 2023

Judge narrows US government’s social media restrictions

A judge has limited the US federal government’s interactions with social media companies after finding agencies pressured platforms to ignore free speech rights.

07 July 2023

SCOTUS maintains section 230 protection

The US Supreme Court has declined to expand companies’ liabilities for third-party online content.

18 May 2023

US lawsuit claims Twitter helped Saudi Arabia silence critics

Twitter is facing a federal racketeering lawsuit, alleging the company illegally allowed employees to share personal user data with Saudi officials who used it to identify and target alleged political dissidents.

17 May 2023

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