Organisation: UK House of Commons

UK data protection bill progresses to House of Lords

The UK’s new data protection bill has advanced to its next stage of consideration, despite attempts by the opposition Labour Party to gain more time to consider a stack of recently-filed amendments.

29 November 2023

Can the snubbed Altman speak?: AI newsletter 20 November 2023

The biggest AI news of the week came over the weekend, when OpenAI boss Sam Altman was dramatically defenestrated from his post and almost equally quickly put in charge of a new AI team at Microsoft – a course of events which seems to be quite the coup for Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella, who now holds the purse strings for the world’s most prominent AI company and has the biggest name in the business on the payroll.

20 November 2023

UK lawmakers query government approach to AI

While the recent AI Safety Summit has gained the UK plaudits for coordinating a near-global approach to AI, UK legislators have cast doubt on the government’s regulatory strategy.

08 November 2023

UK lawmakers push back on AI training copyright exemption

A parliamentary committee has urged the UK government to reverse plans to allow companies to mine copyrighted work for text and data in order to train AI models.

01 September 2023

EU adequacy still not certain as UK debates data law

A senior UK government lawmaker has said EU adequacy does not need to be the highest priority when finalising the country’s replacement for GDPR.

18 April 2023

New UK data bill only the end of the beginning

The latest edition of the UK’s new data protection bill may have been long-awaited, but it remains only the start of a process which is still open to further amendments and future expansion of the law’s scope.

13 March 2023

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