UK considers expanding subject access rights

UK lawmakers have called for data subject access rights to be extended to behavioural data.

13 March 2019

Finland seeks to boost surveillance

Finland’s parliament has passed legislation increasing its surveillance agency’s domestic and international surveillance powers.

13 March 2019

Dutch data watchdog tightens cookie consent rules

Observers say the Dutch data watchdog’s tough stance on tracking cookie consent could cause issues for companies that rely on advertising to provide free services.

08 March 2019

FTC proposes strict security rules for financial institutions

The US Federal Trade Commission has proposed changes to rules governing data security at financial institutions, despite dissent within its ranks about the effect of the rules.

06 March 2019

GPEN: organisations falling short on data protection standards

An international study of data protection standards by multiple regulators has found that a “concerning” number of public and private sector organisations lack proper incident response procedures.

06 March 2019

New Thai law prompts privacy fears

Thailand’s government has passed a GDPR-style data protection bill alongside a controversial cybersecurity law that will allow the authorities to access data without a warrant.

04 March 2019

Brazilian amendment proposes that instant messages count as evidence

A Brazilian politician has proposed an amendment to national law which would allow police to use messages sent over instant messaging platforms as evidence in criminal investigations.

04 March 2019

Indian e-commerce policy proposes localisation rules

Indian policymakers are considering blocking Indian citizen data sharing abroad in a bid to get companies to relocate key functions to the country.

28 February 2019

CCPA litigation threat driving backing of US federal law, lawyer says

US companies increasingly see a federal privacy law as a way of fending off the threat posed by the private right of action contained in the California Consumer Privacy Act, a US lawyer has said.

28 February 2019

Philippines privacy watchdog praises mobile number portability law

The Philippines’ privacy watchdog has praised a new law allowing consumers to switch phone providers without changing their number as “an embodiment” of the concept of data portability.

27 February 2019

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