EU mulls AI regulation

The European Commission is to consider approaches to regulating artificial intelligence in a report due to be published in mid-2019.

30 January 2019

“Surprising” confusion around GDPR, says Irish commissioner

The Irish data protection commissioner has observed a surprising level of confusion around the type of complaints that data subjects can successfully bring under the GDPR.

30 January 2019

New breach reporting requirements for Canadian financial institutions

Canada’s government is to bring in rules that require financial institutions to report cybersecurity incidents within 72 hours.

29 January 2019

EU adopts Japan adequacy decision

The European Commission has removed restrictions from transferring personal data to Japan, after the country implemented additional safeguards that aim to guarantee that exported data receives adequate protection.

23 January 2019

Singapore to exempt data analysis from copyright rules

Singaporean lawmakers have agreed to amend the country’s copyright laws so that copyrighted material can be mined and used in data analysis.

23 January 2019

Brazil proposes interception rules

Brazilian politicians have put forward rules that would force messaging services like WhatsApp to decrypt data, as part of a series of proposed criminal justice reforms.

16 January 2019

Chinese regulations seek to de-anonymise blockchain

New policy by China’s internet authority will force hosts and users of blockchain-based platforms to register their identities with the government.

15 January 2019

Brazil creates privacy watchdog, but fears remain over its independence

The outgoing Brazilian president’s creation of a data protection authority by a last-minute executive order has raised concerns among observers about its independence.

03 January 2019

Interview: Stephen Wong

Hong Kong's data ethics report, enforcement priorities, and international transfers.

20 December 2018

Interview: Anna Morgan and Marita Kinsella

Irish data officials discuss cooperation and the GDPR.

20 December 2018

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