Privacy a competitive differentiator, Brill tells FTC

A former FTC commissioner and current Microsoft regulatory affairs head has told the commission that privacy and cybersecurity are being used by companies to set themselves apart from competition.

09 November 2018

NGO calls for international data broker, credit scoring and ad tech investigations

Privacy International has complained to three European data watchdogs that several data brokers, credit referencing agencies and ad tech companies are in breach of the GDPR.

08 November 2018

Personalised pricing under the spotlight in UK and US

The UK’s competition watchdog has announced that it will be researching how businesses offer personalised pricing on the basis of customer data, while a US Federal Trade Commission hearing debated whether the practice should fall under competition law rules.

07 November 2018

European Patent Office offers guidance on AI inventions

The European Patent Office has for the first time released guidance which includes details of how to patent inventions created through artificial intelligence.

02 November 2018

McSweeny worried about “divergence” on big data

A former commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission has said she is worried about regulatory agencies diverging in how they judge the conduct of the world’s dominant technology platforms.

02 November 2018

Irish watchdog to consult on children’s data issues

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission is set to look into issues relating to the specific standards of data protection applicable to children under the GDPR.

31 October 2018

GDPR a success but a work in progress, regulators say

A panel of European data protection officials has agreed the GDPR has been a success so far – but that there is still work to be done.

26 October 2018

ICDPPC to become standing organisation

The outgoing chair of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin has said the conference will become a permanent standing organisation to help combat technology that is “ripping apart the fabric of our societies”.

25 October 2018

Apple chief executive calls for US federal privacy law

Tim Cook has come out in “comprehensive support” of a federal privacy law in the US, and criticised the “data industrial complex” opposing such a move.

24 October 2018

MEPs clash on ePrivacy and Privacy Shield

Members of the European Parliament butted heads today over the delayed ePrivacy Regulation and the proposed suspension of the Privacy Shield, ahead of a vote on a resolution on Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook user data.

23 October 2018

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