Region: Australia

Google agrees to A$60 million fine

Google has agreed to pay the Australian consumer protection regulator A$60 million (€41.5 million) and overhaul its compliance programme after a court found that it misled users over its location data collection practices.

12 August 2022

Zoom hit with international privacy class action

Zoom is facing another class action lawsuit over its app’s collection and sharing of personal data, this time from users based in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

01 June 2022

Cross-functional teams key to future-proofing adtech data practices

The adtech industry needs to look beyond current regulatory frameworks and create cross-functional teams to meet the expectations of their customers and regulators, a GDR conference has heard.

11 May 2022

Australian watchdogs launch digital cooperation platform

Australia has become the latest country to bring its regulators closer together in a bid to increase cooperation and information-sharing around digital issues.

11 March 2022

European Commission seeks to guide Australia to adequacy

The European Commission has made suggestions on how Australia could revise its data protection laws, potentially paving the way to an adequacy agreement from Brussels.

21 February 2022

GDR unpacks the overhaul of Australian privacy law

Reform of Australia's Privacy Act is finally underway. GDR’s latest Special Report identifies the key aspects of an extensive update.

11 February 2022

Facebook loses Australia extraterritoriality appeal

Australia’s highest court has allowed the country’s data watchdog to bring enforcement action directly against Facebook’s US parent company as part of the ongoing fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

08 February 2022

Australian regulator calls for more powers

Australia’s data watchdog has recommended it be awarded a greater range of tools as part of the government’s planned reforms to the country’s privacy act, including a simplified civil penalty regime supported by infringement notices.

19 January 2022

Australian court greenlights ASIC cybersecurity case

A federal judge has said Australia’s financial services regulator can proceed with a landmark cybersecurity case against RI Advice.

08 November 2021

Clearview breached privacy law, Australian regulator says

Clearview AI says it will fight an Australian order forcing the company to delete all facial recognition data it collected in the country, following a joint investigation by the UK and Australian data watchdogs.

03 November 2021

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