Region: Australia

IP association: lack of data protection hinders drug development

Weak data protection rules in eight major economies are hurting US drug development companies, according to a major trade association of intellectual property owners.

29 January 2021

Australian regulator sounds the alarm on Google data advantage

Australia's antitrust watchdog has said Google's "significant presence" and "data advantage" in the market probably gives it the ability and the incentive to preference its own business to the detriment of competition.

29 January 2021

Australian privacy mass action payouts underway

An Australian government department may be forced to pay millions in compensation to victims of a data breach in a class action-style settlement.

27 January 2021

Roundup: Asia-Pacific data news from the Christmas break

GDR rounds up key news from the Asia-Pacific region that you might have missed over the holidays.

07 January 2021

Australia attacks Facebook over Onavo data sharing

An Australian regulator has sued Facebook for misleading consumers about how it would use data gathered by virtual private network subsidiary Onavo.

16 December 2020

Facebook US on the hook in Australia

Australia’s Federal Court has said Australian privacy legislation has an extraterritorial effect over Facebook’s US parent company, amid regulatory proceedings linked to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

18 September 2020

Australian privacy reform stalls

Changes to the Australian privacy regime promised for this year have so far not materialised, with little time left for lawmakers to introduce changes.

03 September 2020

Australian financial planner pursued over representatives’ cybersecurity

Australia’s financial regulator seeks to hold RI Advice liable for data breaches suffered by its authorised representatives.

26 August 2020

Australian health site fined for sharing patient data

Healthcare booking site HealthEngine has admitted that it shared patient data to insurance brokers without permission.

20 August 2020

Google faces increased pressure over Australian data practices

Australia’s antitrust and consumer watchdog is piling on enforcement against Google – this time over allegations that it collected and used personal information without explicit consent.

27 July 2020

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