Region: Austria

Austrian postal service fined for building customer political profiles

In a decision that broadens the definition of what constitutes personal data, Austria’s data protection authority has fined the country’s postal service €18 million for combining its customers’ data to predict their political leanings.

31 October 2019

ECJ: EU content removal rules can apply worldwide

The European Court of Justice has ruled EU courts can order platforms like Facebook to remove content for users worldwide, a week after the same court said that EU law did not explicitly rule out a global right to be forgotten.

03 October 2019

Austrian court to hear complaint against EU passenger record retention

The Austrian data watchdog has rejected a complaint against the EU Passenger Name Record directive, meaning it will now proceed to Austria’s Federal Administrative Court.

30 September 2019

Austrian postal service criticised for building and selling political profiles

An Austrian regional court has ordered the Austrian postal service to pay a customer €800 in damages after the company built profiles detailing customers’ political affiliations, in some cases selling them on to political parties.

19 August 2019

Austrian high court ends Schrems standing saga

Austria’s Supreme Court has upheld a lower court’s ruling that privacy activist Max Schrems can sue Facebook in an Austrian court.

12 June 2019

Platforms can be forced to delete illegal data globally, ECJ told

A European Court of Justice advocate-general has said EU member state courts can order platforms to find and delete comments that are “identical” and “equivalent” to illegal content – and can force that deletion to have a global effect.

04 June 2019

Austrian court sides with Schrems

A Vienna court has ruled that privacy activist Max Schrems has the right to submit a lawsuit against Facebook under the GDPR.

27 March 2019

Schrems criticises Austrian consent decision

Campaigner Max Schrems has criticised a determination by Austria’s data protection regulator that an online newspaper subscription offer complies with the GDPR.

12 December 2018

GDPR a success but a work in progress, regulators say

A panel of European data protection officials has agreed the GDPR has been a success so far – but that there is still work to be done.

26 October 2018

Schrems accuses US tech companies of relying on "forced consent"

25 May 2018

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