Region: Belgium

Belgian DPA under fire from European Commission

The European Commission has threatened Belgium with legal action after finding its data protection authority is insufficiently independent.

15 November 2021

Belgian authority set to find against IAB consent system

Belgium’s data regulator has provisionally found that consent pop-ups developed by advertising industry body IAB Europe violate the GDPR.

05 November 2021

Belgian court says data processing not prerequisite for GDPR abuse

Belgium’s supreme court has ruled that a GDPR violation can still take place even if no data processing has occurred.

20 October 2021

ECJ clarifies one-stop-shop rules

Europe’s highest court has ruled that non-lead data protection authorities can take action against cross-border GDPR infringements in certain circumstances.

15 June 2021

First GDPR cloud codes of conduct approved

The European Data Protection Board has approved two GDPR codes of conduct for cloud services, but has said they cannot be used for international data transfers.

21 May 2021

Top European courts diverge on data retention

The top administrative courts in France and Belgium have both ruled on domestic data retention regimes in the space of two days, but have diverged on their interpretation of a key European Court of Justice judgment.

22 April 2021

Belgium data regulator urged staff to hand over covid test results

The Belgian data protection authority asked staff to hand over their covid-19 test results, GDR has learned – potentially breaching the regulator’s own guidance and the GDPR.

04 March 2021

Facebook Belgium: door left open for GDPR enforcement jostling

Data protection authorities in any EU country can take companies to court for cross-border GDPR infringements – but only in a specific set of circumstances, according to a significant European Court of Justice opinion released today.

13 January 2021

IAB Europe: Belgian authority doesn’t understand TCF

The influential adtech trade body IAB Europe has slammed a recent report from the Belgian data protection authority, saying the regulator doesn’t understand the commonly used transparency and consent framework.

08 December 2020

Conflict at Belgian data regulator reaches parliament

A Belgian parliamentary committee is set to hear grievances leveled at David Stevens, the head of the country’s Data Protection Authority.

20 October 2020

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