Region: Belgium

Belgian lawmakers fire two DPA directors

Belgium’s parliament has voted to dismiss two senior members of the country’s data protection authority – the latest development in a long-running saga over the independence of the regulator.

22 July 2022

ECJ upholds PNR processing

The European Court of Justice has cleared Belgian law that implements the controversial PNR Directive, but nonetheless set out rigorous requirements for its use.

21 June 2022

Belgian DPA moves on cookies again

Belgium’s data regulator has fined a media company for placing cookies that gathered data without obtaining users’ consent, in a decision that gives further insight into the regulator’s attitude towards cookies in the wake of its landmark IAB Europe decision.

26 May 2022

Belgian DPA sides with Google in right to be forgotten case

Belgium’s data protection authority has said that Google was not in breach of the GDPR for refusing to delist news articles about a complainant’s criminal conviction, but still reprimanded its Belgian affiliate for not properly responding to the request.

21 March 2022

ECHR warned of right to be forgotten censorship risk

Counsel to the publisher of newspaper Le Soir has told the European Court of Human Rights’ Grand Chamber that upholding a Belgian court’s order to anonymise an article could set a “dangerous precedent” and amount to censorship.

09 March 2022

Belgian watchdog resists reform

Belgium’s Data Protection Authority has hit back at proposals to overhaul its structure and oversight, after the European Commission threatened legal action over the regulator’s alleged lack of independence.

09 March 2022

Belgian DPA fine sends shockwaves across the adtech industry

The Belgian Data Protection Authority’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) decision has made a bid to “restore order to the online advertising industry”. If upheld on appeal, says Linklaters partner Guillaume Couneson, the decision will affect the entire adtech ecosystem.

22 February 2022

Key adtech data framework is illegal, Belgian regulator says

Cookie banners used on the vast majority of websites in the EU are inadequate, the Belgian data watchdog has found – taking aim at a framework used across the adtech industry.

02 February 2022

ECJ advocate-general opinion keeps PNR annulment hopes grounded

A European Court of Justice adviser has concluded that the transfer and processing of detailed information on aeroplane passengers is in accordance with the GDPR – so long as the data remains anonymised.

27 January 2022

Belgian DPA under fire from European Commission

The European Commission has threatened Belgium with legal action after finding its data protection authority is insufficiently independent.

15 November 2021

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