Region: Bulgaria

NGOs threaten litigation over covid-19 data-sharing

A coordinated effort by nine European civil liberties organisations to force governments to protect privacy while sharing data to tackle covid-19 may lead to litigation.

08 June 2020

Bulgarian tax agency to appeal multimillion-euro fine

The Bulgarian data protection authority has fined the country’s tax agency for a data breach that affected almost all of its working-age citizens, but the tax office has said it will appeal the decision and take legal action against the alleged hackers.

02 September 2019

Bulgarian data watchdog fines bank

Bulgaria's data protection authority has fined DSK Bank 1 million Bulgarian leva (€511,384) after a leak of customer data.

02 September 2019

Privacy NGO files new wave of ad tech complaints

Privacy campaigners have alleged breaches of the GDPR by real-time bidding practices for ads in nine EU countries.

05 June 2019

Bulgarian court reverses retroactive GDPR decision

A Sofia court has overturned a decision by the Bulgarian data protection authority which retroactively applied the GDPR.

07 May 2019

Bulgarian regulator clarifies right to be forgotten

The Bulgarian data protection authority has confirmed that journalism is mostly exempt from GDPR right to be forgotten rules.

03 April 2019

Bulgarian president vetoes GDPR transposition

Bulgaria’s president has vetoed amendments to data protection legislation which would have transposed the GDPR into national law because of fears over its impact on media freedom.

05 February 2019

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