Region: Canada

Canadian judge quashes disclosure order against ISP

A Canadian federal judge has overturned an order that would have forced an internet service provider to disclose the identities of multiple individuals suspected of copyright infringement.

08 March 2019

New breach reporting requirements for Canadian financial institutions

Canada’s government is to bring in rules that require financial institutions to report cybersecurity incidents within 72 hours.

29 January 2019

ICO faces fresh GDPR appeal

Cambridge Analytica-linked Emerdata has appealed against a UK Information Commissioner’s Office enforcement measure.

15 January 2019

Canadian court rejects privacy lawsuit against bankruptcy trustee

A Canadian court has dismissed a class action lawsuit alleging privacy breaches by the trustee of bankrupt computer retailer NCIX.

10 January 2019

US official highlights role of encryption in hacking scheme

The US deputy attorney general has drawn attention to the dangers of encryption technology in light of its use in the SamSam Ransomware cyberattacks.

30 November 2018

Royal Bank of Canada to pay PIPEDA damages

A Canadian federal judge has ordered the Royal Bank of Canada to pay nominal damages over its poor handling of an individual’s financial details, and criticised the bank’s destruction of the relevant data while the country’s privacy watchdog investigated the matter.

22 November 2018

Canadian court refuses to certify data leak class action

An Ontario judge has dismissed motions to certify class actions relating to a leak of patient data that affected approximately 15,000 patients at two hospitals.

02 November 2018

ICO narrows first-ever GDPR enforcement notice

Canadian political consultancy AggregateIQ has withdrawn an appeal against the UK Information Commissioner’s Office’s first GDPR enforcement notice, after the watchdog narrowed its scope.

30 October 2018

DPAs have “ethical duty” to improve laws, says ICO deputy chief

UK data privacy official Steve Wood has said regulators must recommend changes to laws where they see shortcomings.

25 October 2018

Canada’s privacy watchdog seeks clarity on right to be forgotten

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has asked a federal court to clarify whether Google is subject to national privacy law – a decision which may establish a right to be forgotten.

12 October 2018

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