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GDPR with Chinese characteristics: China's new draft personal data protection law

Linklaters Shanghai counsel Alex Roberts sets out the main points of China’s new data protection framework.

03 November 2020

US court puts clamps on Trump’s TikTok ban

A federal judge has blocked the Trump Administration’s order banning TikTok, deeming government’s restrictions on the Chinese app as a threat to plaintiffs’ constitutional rights – a similar finding other courts have made against efforts to ban Chinese app WeChat.

02 November 2020

Trump Administration handed another loss in WeChat case

The Ninth Circuit has upheld an injunction that blocked the US Department of Commerce from banning WeChat from app stores – marking the Trump Administration’s third unsuccessful attempt in the last two months to lock the Chinese app out of the US.

27 October 2020

US judge affirms decision to halt Trump’s WeChat ban

The US Department of Commerce’s second attempt to ban WeChat has failed, as a San Francisco district judge has upheld an earlier decision that suspended the prohibitions against the Chinese app.

26 October 2020

First details emerge of China’s new GDPR-style data law

China’s government has published a new draft comprehensive data protection law, which contains a series of GDPR-style provisions – including hefty fines.

23 October 2020

US DOJ urges judge to allow Trump’s WeChat ban

A San Francisco district judge has told US Department of Justice officials that they will be hard-pressed to convince her to reverse a previous decision declaring the Trump Administration’s WeChat ban as a threat to the First Amendment.

16 October 2020

China prepares for new era in data protection

In a move likely to please international businesses, Chinese lawmakers will soon release a draft of the country’s first national omnibus law focused solely on data protection.

01 October 2020

TikTok case: US national security powers can't stop data flows

In overturning an executive order that banned TikTok’s distribution in the US, a federal judge has ruled that presidential emergency powers cannot regulate data imports and exports.

29 September 2020

China unveils draft Data Security Law

A new proposed Chinese data law intended to protect national security and the development of the digital economy sets out a series of measures designed to enhance data security. If enacted, the law could profoundly alter data security practices in China, as well as provide scope for extraterritorial application.

20 July 2020

Chinese data protection: the move towards a comprehensive law

The largest overhaul of China’s civil law system in the country’s modern history has introduced important provisions regarding the right to privacy and protection of personal information. The country still doesn’t have a GDPR-style comprehensive data protection law in place, but with more updates to come, lawyers say it could be on the way – and that businesses should prepare.

14 July 2020

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