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The chips are down: AI newsletter 18 September 2023

Tech giants’ AI projects are being threatened with death by a thousand copyright cuts, with yet another author attaching himself to litigation against the alleged wilful pilfering of his intellectual property. But concerns over the ethics of building AI models hasn’t stopped the rush to do so, with front- and back-end companies teaming up on the next generation of the technology.

18 September 2023

India cautiously welcomes new data law

India has finalised its new data protection legislation, ending a five-year wait and initiating a long-winded compliance journey for businesses.

16 August 2023

India inches closer to data protection legislation

The introduction of India’s personal data protection bill to the country’s parliament is the latest step in a six-year long process to enact overall Indian data protection legislation.

04 August 2023

Indian court rules on right to be forgotten

An Indian court has ruled that individuals cannot request the deletion of court records from an open access case law database.

11 January 2023

India privacy overhaul draws mixed reactions

Observers have criticised India’s new data protection bill over a lack of clarity and excessive governmental control – but praised its business-friendly and flexible provisions.

24 November 2022

India proposes eased data flows and boosted fines

India has published a fresh data protection bill that includes cross-border transfer permissions and higher penalties, after scrapping long-delayed privacy legislation in August.

18 November 2022

Indian telecoms bill brings new data localisation concerns

The Indian government has presented a draft Telecommunications Bill for consultation, with possible widespread consequences for both traditional and internet-based communication service providers operating in the country.

26 September 2022

Data Changemakers: Tanmay Singh

New Delhi-based Internet Freedom Foundation senior litigation counsel Tanmay Singh tells GDR that the lack of a comprehensive data protection framework in India makes litigation difficult, and that it remains tough to convince all members of the public that privacy is a human right.

26 August 2022

India scraps data bill

India’s government has withdrawn the Personal Data Protection Bill after more than three years of debate about its impact on the country’s data landscape – but a new framework may soon be released.

04 August 2022

Tech companies fear India’s data framework could harm business

International associations representing major global tech companies have expressed concerns over provisions in India’s draft data protection law relating to data localisation and the inclusion of non-personal data, citing concerns that these could hinder innovation and foreign investment.

03 March 2022

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