Region: Ireland

Irish regulator sides with Facebook on GDPR consent

Ireland’s privacy watchdog has agreed with Facebook on a high-profile case relating to user consent under the GDPR – but still recommended a fine of up to €36m for the company’s lack of transparency.

13 October 2021

Ireland starts TikTok probes

Ireland’s data protection watchdog has launched two investigations into TikTok over its handling of children’s personal data and possible transfers of user information to China – amid fresh accusations that the regulator is failing to enforce against Big Tech.

15 September 2021

Lessons from the WhatsApp GDPR fine, and why size really does matter

Forensic Risk Alliance partner Simon Taylor analyses the European Data Protection Board’s approach to calculating the recent WhatsApp GDPR fine – and concludes that it’s difficult to overstate its importance.

14 September 2021

How European regulators toughened the Irish WhatsApp decision

European data protection authorities forced their Irish counterpart to strengthen its stance against WhatsApp, in a decision that may have wider repercussions for large tech companies that process EU personal data.

03 September 2021

EDPB intervention quadruples WhatsApp fine

Ireland’s privacy watchdog has fined WhatsApp €225 million over its data processing arrangements with parent company Facebook, after the European Data Protection Board forced the regulator to change its draft decision.

02 September 2021

EDPB forces Ireland's hand on Facebook/WhatsApp data sharing

European data regulators have told Ireland’s Data Protection Commission how to deal with WhatsApp’s data-sharing arrangements with its parent company Facebook.

28 July 2021

TikTok receives GDPR fine

The Dutch data watchdog has ordered TikTok to pay €750,000 after finding it infringed children’s privacy rights – but the company has vowed to appeal against the penalty.

22 July 2021

EDPB refuses to extend Facebook/WhatsApp ban

EU data protection authorities have appeared to compromise by rejecting calls for an EU-wide ban on Facebook processing WhatsApp’s data – but ordering the Irish data watchdog to formally investigate the group’s practices.

15 July 2021

Irish data regime tempts multinationals

Corporates view Ireland’s data environment as favourable and consider it a leading factor in investment decisions.

21 June 2021

Instagram ECJ case dropped

The ECJ will no longer be asked to clarify the extent to which courts can force platforms to disclose the identities of account operators.

14 June 2021

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