Region: Ireland

Helen Dixon pleased with DPC budget increase

Helen Dixon has welcomed a budget increase for Ireland’s data authority – though the amount allocated means the regulator still has not received the funds it asked for two years ago.

14 October 2020

Schrems II parties fight over who won

Ireland’s cash-strapped data watchdog is seeking reimbursement of costs it incurred in bringing its Schrems II court proceedings – with complainant Max Schrems claiming he should be entitled to recover his own costs from the regulator.

01 October 2020

Data transfer ban may shut down Facebook EU services

A senior Facebook official has testified that a possible ban on its transfers of data from the EU to the US might make it impossible for it to continue providing services in the bloc.

22 September 2020

Lack of adtech enforcement allowing data misuse, report says

Ireland’s data regulator has allowed mass data misuse within the adtech industry to continue, a new report has claimed.

21 September 2020

Facebook SCC Irish investigation under fire from both sides

Max Schrems and Facebook have both attacked the Irish data watchdog’s new investigation of Facebook’s EU-US data transfers.

15 September 2020

First shots fired in Schrems II Irish battle

Ireland’s data watchdog has opened an investigation of Facebook’s use of standard contractual clauses, leading to accusations from Max Schrems that the regulator has breached a court order in doing so.

10 September 2020

EU regulator disagreement leads to Twitter fine delay

The Irish data watchdog’s role as the EU’s leading tech regulator and the GDPR’s ability to hold international giants to account faces further scrutiny.

21 August 2020

Ryanair fails to obtain injunction in Skyscanner data-scraping litigation

Ireland’s High Court has refused to force Skyscanner to provide Ryanair with the email addresses of customers that book flights through the platform.

17 August 2020

TikTok to store European data locally

Following increased uncertainty about data transfers out of the EU and scrutiny of its data practices, TikTok has announced plans to store European data locally.

06 August 2020

Ireland turns down Google adtech case

Hungary has taken action against Google after its lead regulator declined to handle a subject access request investigation.

28 July 2020

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