Region: Spain

Spanish authority issues another million-euro fine

The Spanish data protection authority has fined an energy provider €1.5 million, marking the latest in a string of hefty penalties issued as the regulator ramps up its enforcement efforts.

07 May 2021

Equifax fined one million euro in Spain

The Spanish data protection authority has fined credit rating agency Equifax €1 million for adding publicly available debt information to its own database.

28 April 2021

Vodafone hit with multimillion-euro GDPR fine

After receiving dozens of small fines since the GDPR came into force, Vodafone Spain has finally been slapped with a hefty fine for its data and marketing practices – but has promised to appeal.

15 March 2021

Data enforcement looks set to hot up in Spain

Two big GDPR fines against banks in Spain suggest the country’s data protection authority is starting to move away from a strategy of cautious enforcement and towards a much tougher approach.

19 January 2021

Second Spanish big bank GDPR fine to be appealed

In a near-identical repeat of a penalty issued in December, Spain’s data protection authority has fined CaixaBank €6 million for GDPR infringements.

18 January 2021

Data community news roundup: promotions, hires and more

January is traditionally the month in which law firms announce partner promotion rounds. All job markets – including the legal industry – look different this year, but there have still been plenty of moves and promotions.

15 January 2021

BBVA to fight €5 million Spanish GDPR fine

Major Iberian bank BBVA has said it plans to appeal against the Spanish data regulator’s decision to impose a record-breaking €5 million GDPR fine.

16 December 2020

Schrems attacks Apple tracker

Noyb has filed two complaints to European data protection authorities against Apple over its tracking technology.

17 November 2020

The curious saga of Vodafone Spain

An unusually high number of fines against one company may be a sign of trouble at the Spanish data protection authority.

13 November 2020

Riding the tidal wave

Data privacy class actions in Europe are here to stay. Bird & Bird partner Bryony Hurst explores the rise in class actions, the EU member states that are likely to become popular litigation forums, key cases that have already been filed across Europe, and how organisations can stay as dry as possible when the data protection class action tidal wave hits.

02 November 2020

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