Region: Spain

Meta faces €550 million Spanish litigation

A group representing 83 Spanish digital news outlets claims Meta has gained an unfair advantage through its data processing for behavioural advertising.

04 December 2023

Spain seeks first mover advantage with AI agency

The establishment of Spain’s artificial intelligence agency is the latest development in the country’s ongoing efforts to put itself at the head of the pack of AI rule-setters.

02 October 2023

More Splunk for your buck: AI newsletter 25 September 2023

While industry voices continue to back the merits of open source large language model development, the money continues to flow to a few familiar names while the less familiar ones get snapped up. Cisco has just handed over the GDP of Honduras for AI-driven cybersecurity (and much else) provider Splunk, while familiar face Anthropic AI gets a $4 billion cash injection from Amazon. On the regulatory side, tinkering continues at the edges of the EU AI Act while the US gets another legislative proposal to add to its deck.

25 September 2023

Regulators get back in business: AI newsletter 4 September 2023

With the long summer holidays finally over, authorities and governments have hit the ground running. Spain has launched the EU’s first dedicated agency for overseeing AI, the Netherlands has called for more control over the technology, and the UK is hanging up the bunting for its international AI conference in November.

04 September 2023

Spanish bank fined €2.5 million over AML compliance issues

The Spanish regulator fined an online bank €2.5 million after finding flaws with its anti-money laundering procedures, the authority’s highest penalty this year.

01 August 2023

Spanish location data decision struck down

A Spanish court has annulled a regulatory decision that backed a telecommunications company’s refusal to provide a data subject with their location data – in an appeal that the regulator declined to resist.

25 January 2023

Winter break 2022 round-up

2022 was yet another busy year for data protection, and even as GDR took a brief break from its usual programming over the Christmas period there were still developments worth noting. We’ve rounded up the most important stories from the end of the year, from fines to class action arguments to new jobs for those at the top of the privacy world.

03 January 2023

Spanish watchdog issues €525,000 fine

Spain’s data protection authority has issued a hefty fine against an IT company for a raft of GDPR breaches found on its adult content websites.

02 November 2022

Google faces Spanish complaint over Gmail dark patterns

A consumer rights organisation has filed a complaint with the Spanish data regulator over the way Google gathers consent during its Gmail account opening procedure.

05 October 2022

Spanish DPA chief appointment back to square one

Spain’s highest court has ordered a fresh start to the process of appointing a president and vice-president of the county’s data protection authority after it was suspended earlier this year.

22 September 2022

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