Region: United Kingdom

UK confirms plans for new data law this year

The UK government will introduce a new data protection bill in the coming months, but a lack of detail means that businesses are still in suspense over what the new regime will mean.

10 May 2022

UK could catch EU on AI law timing

The UK can expect a white paper of new AI regulation in September with legislation to follow by around 2025, a senior lawmaker has said.

06 May 2022

UK sets out app privacy and security practice code

The UK government has proposed a “world first” code of practice to set minimum privacy and security requirements for app store operators and developers.

04 May 2022

UK regulators to scrutinise algorithms

The UK’s data watchdog and its regulatory counterparts for digital matters are set to focus their oversight on algorithms, part of their strategic collaboration for the upcoming year focused on “execution and delivery”.

03 May 2022

Claimants ordered to describe distress in Equiniti lawsuit

An English procedural judge has ordered police officers to provide more detail of the distress they claim to have suffered after letters containing their personal data were allegedly sent to their old home addresses.

28 April 2022

UK claimant granted GDPR damages for defamatory publication

A High Court judge has ordered a defendant to pay damages for libel and a breach of UK data protection law stemming from the publication of inaccurate information.

25 April 2022

Looking for clues to future data oversight in new CMA powers

The UK’s antitrust regulator has gained a raft of new powers that could affect tech and data-heavy firms, but long-promised reform of digital rules is still conspicuous by its absence.

21 April 2022

Pegasus spyware faces first UK legal challenge

NSO Group has rejected claims made on behalf of three civil society leaders and human rights activists whose phones were allegedly hacked by the UAE and Saudi Arabian governments using the company’s technology.

20 April 2022

UK Bounty data-sharing litigation fails

The High Court of England and Wales has dismissed claims that an NHS trust was liable for allowing a representative of parent club Bounty to access and disseminate patient data.

13 April 2022

Privacy by Design and Data Minimisation

Featured in The Guide to Data as a Critical Asset - Edition 1

'Privacy by design' advocates for privacy when designing technologies, products and management systems and encourages a holistic view using privacy-enhancing technologies and integrating privacy considerations into organisational policies, practices and procedures.

08 April 2022

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