Region: United States of America

Spyware vendor and executives targeted

A human rights activist claims that spyware vendor DarkMatter Group accessed private material that led to prosecution in her native Saudi Arabia.

10 December 2021

Ransomware rulings leave insurance industry in flux

Several recent US court decisions have put insurers on the hook for ransomware attacks, threatening to upend an area of law that was thought to be settled.

09 December 2021

Facebook sued for $150 billion over role in Rohingya genocide

Meta faces US and UK class action litigation alleging its Facebook platform’s failure to adequately police content contributed to the ongoing violence in Myanmar.

07 December 2021

FBI document disproves need encryption backdoor, NGO says

A recently published internal FBI document detailing the bureau’s collection of messaging metadata shows that law enforcers have ample investigatory tools and don’t need a backdoor to encrypted platforms, activists have said.

06 December 2021

Antitrust legislation would sacrifice app security, policy experts warn

US trade groups representing app developers have mounted a campaign against several antitrust proposals being considered by Congress, warning that the laws would harm privacy and data security.

01 December 2021

Apple sues NSO

Apple says the embattled NSO Group has harmed the tech company and its users by illicitly accessing their devices.

24 November 2021

Facebook disputes research about how it uses children’s data

Recent research claims Facebook is failing to live up to promises that it would restrict the use of children’s data for targeted advertising, but the social media giant says the research is inaccurate.

19 November 2021

US makes ransomware a top national security priority

The US has responded to the increasing size and consequence of ransomware attacks by throwing the full weight of its national security state at the problem.

18 November 2021

FBI: No drop in ransomware attacks since REvil takedown

Law enforcement is celebrating the recent takedown of the REvil ransomware operation as a major success for the fight against Russia-based hackers, but a senior FBI official has disclosed that the US hasn’t seen any drop in attacks from the region.

17 November 2021

Snapchat sued after Apple privacy changes tank share price

A class action lawsuit says Snapchat misled investors about the impact Apple’s privacy changes would have on the company’s ad business.

15 November 2021

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