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Irish regulator meets with Twitter DPO amid FTC scrutiny

Twitter privacy team departures following its acquisition by Elon Musk have raised questions among regulators over enforcement procedures, compliance and user data security.

15 November 2022

Google set to pay $391.5 million to settle multiple AG location suits

Google has settled location tracking lawsuits with the highest state attorney general-led privacy payout to date.

14 November 2022

Oracle claims class action plaintiffs lack standing

Software giant Oracle is seeking to dismiss a privacy lawsuit by claiming that the plaintiffs have no standing to bring the action, cannot justify an extraterritorial application of California law, and fail to state any claim for relief.

14 November 2022

Limited role for chief legal officers in cybersecurity strategy

A recent survey found chief legal officers are increasingly playing a role in their organisations' cybersecurity strategy – but they likely aren’t leading such initiatives.

09 November 2022

Experian and T-Mobile enter $16 million settlement with 40 states

Experian and T-Mobile will pay $13.67 million (€13.56 million) and $2.43 million (€2.41 million) respectively for data breaches compromising nationwide customer data.

08 November 2022

Microsoft and OpenAI sued over their open source coding practices

Coders have filed a putative class action suit against Microsoft and OpenAI claiming that the organisations violated licence agreements and copyrights, in what plaintiffs are claiming is the first case addressing the training of AI systems.

08 November 2022

Ex-Uber chief security officer seeks to toss out criminal conviction

Former Uber chief security officer Joseph Sullivan filed an appeal to his felony convictions, arguing the government failed to show his actions obstructed the FTC’s investigation or concealed a felony.

07 November 2022

hiQ case against LinkedIn narrowed ahead of trial

A San Francisco federal judge has entered summary judgment on multiple grounds against hiQ as part of a long-running scraping dispute with LinkedIn.

07 November 2022

Smaller entities may avoid Texas biometric enforcement

Recent biometric lawsuits filed by the Texas Attorney General’s Office signals the agency is willing to take on Big Tech – but its enforcement appetite for smaller companies remains unclear and Illinois is likely to remain the US biometric litigation hotspot.

04 November 2022

Hospital and Meta sued for website and app tracking

Days after Advocate Aurora Health revealed a data breach, the health care provider and its website tracking provider Meta were hit with a class action suit accusing the companies of violating patients’ privacy rights.

03 November 2022

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