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Zuckerberg and Cook butt heads over privacy

Two of the world’s most prominent technology chief executives have started a war of words over privacy and data-driven business models, in a battle that could spill over into the courts.

29 January 2021

Interest groups urge appeal court to overturn Microsoft secrecy order

Interest groups ranging from journalists to businesses and former prosecutors urged a US appeal court to overturn a nondisclosure order that prevents Microsoft from telling a corporate client about a government warrant for its data.

28 January 2021

Trump mandates KYC for cloud providers

In one of his administration’s final acts, former US President Donald Trump issued an executive order requiring web service providers to verify the identity of foreign persons to whom they sell infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) products.

26 January 2021

Fertility app developer sued for sharing data with Chinese companies

The US-based developer of a female fertility app has been sued for allegedly sharing user data with Chinese data analytics firms without consent.

25 January 2021

Brazil mandates internet equipment security by design

Brazil’s telecommunications regulator has issued requirements for the country’s internet infrastructure to have built-in security features aimed at thwarting cyberattacks.

22 January 2021

First hint of UK-EU data divergence appears

The UK data protection authority has signed off on data transfers to a US financial regulator, but one European regulator has expressed doubts – in a sign that UK and EU interpretation of the GDPR may be starting to drift apart.

22 January 2021

Parler blames Amazon for data breach

Parler, the upstart social media app that has achieved notoriety in recent weeks as a platform for Trump supporters, has blamed Amazon for a massive hack that exposed its users’ personal data.

21 January 2021

Data broker to pay $150 million over data sales

Epsilon Data Management will pay $150 million to settle criminal allegations that it sold customer data to scammers.

21 January 2021

HIPAA data breach penalty overturned

A US appeals court has reversed a $4.35 million data breach penalty imposed on a Texas hospital, after finding the Department of Health & Human Services had misinterpreted rules it applies to US federal healthcare data law – and had admitted it could not defend the fine.

19 January 2021

New York introduces privacy and biometric laws

New York lawmakers have introduced a comprehensive privacy bill that would combine elements of the CCPA and GDPR, as well as a biometric data bill that would function similarly to Illinois’ tough BIPA legislation.

19 January 2021

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