Region: United States of America

Dechert and former partners face new hacking claim

New US litigation by businessman Farhad Azima claims that law firm Dechert and its disgraced former head of white-collar crime attempted to cover up their involvement in the alleged hacking of his private emails.

17 October 2022

Meta, Snapchat, TikTok face a growing tidal wave of social media harm lawsuits

Claims arguing social media platforms are addictive and cause physical and mental harms are picking up steam, and a recent consolidation of multiple cases could stir further litigation.

14 October 2022

Fast fashion retailer fined $1.9 million in New York

Zoetop has agreed to pay $1.9 million to New York prosecutors in fines and costs for failing to properly handle a data breach that compromised customer personal data.

14 October 2022

Q&A: Paul Weiss partner and former US deputy AG John Carlin

Former acting US deputy attorney general and new Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison cybersecurity and privacy co-head John Carlin tells GDR how he advises clients to best interact with US enforcers, and how the DOJ and US governments' approach to cybersecurity has evolved.

14 October 2022

First BIPA class action jury trial results in $228 million verdict

A federal jury has awarded BNSF truck drivers $228 million in damages for violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.

13 October 2022

Schrems outlines possible Privacy Shield strategies

Max Schrems, the individual behind the European Court of Justice ruling that led to the previous EU-US data transfer framework being invalidated, has shared some strategies that could be explored to challenge the latest iteration of the transatlantic Privacy Shield.

12 October 2022

Unprecedented Uber conviction highlights risk of misleading regulators

Former Uber chief security officer Joseph Sullivan serves as a cautionary tale of what security professionals should not do when dealing with a data breach and regulatory investigations.

11 October 2022

Google pays $85 million to settle Arizona’s deceptive location tracking suit

As similar state lawsuits brew, Google has agreed to pay the Arizona Attorney General’s Office $85 million to settle allegations it tracked Android users’ location despite consumers turning the feature off.

07 October 2022

Privacy Shield replacement revealed

President Joe Biden has finally revealed the detail of the latest iteration of the EU-US Privacy Shield, easing trans-Atlantic data flows after more than two years of Schrems II uncertainty.

07 October 2022

Colorado’s draft Privacy Act rules break new ground

Proposed new Colorado data privacy rules contain prescriptive and first-of-their-kind requirements.

06 October 2022

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