Region: United States of America

Pentagon silent on Afghan biometric data programme

At the outset of the post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan, the US military sought to compile a biometric database of the country’s population. That data could now be in the hands of the Taliban.

20 August 2021

Pearson fined for failing to tell investors about data breach

A global education company has agreed to pay US$1 million to end an investigation of misleading statements it made to investors after suffering a data breach.

19 August 2021

UK GDPR lawsuit rejected in California

A San Francisco federal judge has refused to hear a UK GDPR-based class action against adtech company PubMatic, but the lead claimant's counsel plans to pursue the litigation in the English courts.

18 August 2021

Huawei accused of shifting Pakistani data to China

A subcontractor for a Huawei project in Lahore says the company made unauthorised transfers of Pakistani national security and personal data to China.

17 August 2021

CCPA Blackbaud data breach claims survive

A US federal judge has upheld a CCPA class action claim against Blackbaud, despite arguments that the law’s private right of action does not apply to the service provider.

16 August 2021

Plaid to end data class action

Fintech provider Plaid has agreed to pay $58 million and alter its data collection policies in order to end litigation that accused it of harvesting unjustified amounts of personal information.

09 August 2021

SolarWinds fights cyberattack investor lawsuit

Investors cannot hold SolarWinds liable for losses they incurred in the wake of a high-profile cyberattack, the company has argued – rejecting arguments that it misleadingly portrayed its data security standards.

05 August 2021

Zoom settles privacy class action

Zoom has agreed to end a US class action lawsuit that alleged it breached user privacy, made misleading statements about its encryption standards and failed to prevent hacking.

02 August 2021

Privacy takes a back seat at FTC congressional hearing

Statements by US Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan indicate that competition, a drive for additional resources, and internal spats with other commissioners could take precedence over data-related issues under her leadership.

29 July 2021

Can big data help detect biological weapons?

The US Department of Homeland Security is building a system that would help law enforcers use data analytics to detect biological weapons – but internal reports suggest that the equipment may not work as planned.

28 July 2021

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