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Ryanair takes scraping fight to

Ryanair claims and several subsidiaries illegally harvested data from its public website.

07 September 2020

Morgan Stanley sued for data breaches

A class action lawsuit seeks damages from Morgan Stanley for data breaches it disclosed to customers in July.

04 September 2020

NSA bulk data collection illegal, appeal court rules

A US federal appeal court has ruled that the National Security Agency’s harvesting of American citizens’ phone data was illegal.

03 September 2020

US federal data strategy could aid economic recovery efforts

Researchers have lamented that the US federal government is still operating on the “Great Depression-era” model of collecting and reporting economic data – though efforts are underway to change that.

03 September 2020

Reynders: Updated SCCs coming this year

New Schrems-proof standard contractual clauses should be finalised this year, European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders has said.

03 September 2020

Internal Google emails show company’s confusion over location settings

Location data settings on Google’s Android phones were unclear even to the company’s employees, according to new correspondence released as part of an Arizona investigation.

02 September 2020

California legislature extends CCPA exemptions for employee data

California’s landmark data privacy law will likely not affect employee data until January 2022, after the state’s legislature extended an exemption because of the covid-19 pandemic.

01 September 2020

Facebook unleashes fresh round of lawsuits

Facebook has sued a social media engagement bot network and an app developer for gathering user data without authorisation.

28 August 2020

One firm to rule them all: Palantir’s plan to go public

Regulatory files tied to Palantir Technologies’ planned public share offering reveal the company’s ambitions to become the US government’s sole data analytics provider.

28 August 2020

US charges Russian national over ransomware plot

The US Department of Justice has charged a Russian national with conspiring to enlist an employee of an unnamed company to install ransomware on its systems, extract data and extort a substantial ransom.

27 August 2020

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