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Biden calls for federal data legislation

US President Joe Biden has called for bipartisan legislation to regulate big tech data collection practices, a ban on surveillance advertising targeting children, and antitrust legislation to limit large online platforms’ self-preferencing.

08 February 2023

Confusion over data breach forensic reports’ privilege after Supreme Court dismissal

The US Supreme Court’s refusal to consider a question on which communications and documents can be protected by attorney-client privilege adds a layer of uncertainty to the aftermath of data incidents.

07 February 2023

New York spyware seller fined

New York’s attorney general has fined a spyware producer $410,000 and ordered it to carry out a series of remedial measures.

06 February 2023

GDPR extraterritorial lawsuit defendants accused of seeking “extravagantly wide” discovery

A businessman has asked an English court to block defendants in a GDPR extraterritorial lawsuit from obtaining banking transaction data through disclosure of information held in the US.

06 February 2023

Stability AI faces fresh Getty scraping suit

Getty Images has sued Stability AI in US federal court claiming wide-scale copyright infringement, weeks after pursuing similar litigation in the UK.

06 February 2023

Illinois Supreme Court sets five-year window for BIPA claims

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the Biometric Information Privacy Act has a five-year statute of limitation, in a widely anticipated ruling that could significantly increase companies’ biometric data exposure.

06 February 2023

US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 6 February 2023

It's been a difficult couple of weeks for T-Mobile: Its SEC disclosure that a hacker had access to 37 million account holders’ data has sparked multiple lawsuits in federal California and Florida courts. Pennsylvania's wiretapping law is also stirring many privacy class action lawsuits and counsel has come on the record in the closely watched Stability AI image scraping class action.

06 February 2023

GoodRx, Meta and Google slammed with class action over health data sharing

A class action lawsuit has been filed against GoodRx over its sharing of users’ medication purchases and other sensitive information, seeking over $5 million in damages.

06 February 2023

$1.5 million GoodRx fine is FTC’s first Health Breach Notification Rule action

GoodRx has agreed to pay a $1.5 million civil penalty for allegedly sharing consumers’ data without their permission, in the first enforcement of the FTC’s Health Breach Notification Rule.

02 February 2023

Google says Ninth Circuit opinion creates children's law "patchwork"

Google has asked a major federal appeal court to reconsider a ruling that resurrected a COPPA class action against the company.

01 February 2023

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