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Q3 in data: advertising continues to drive covid-19 rebound

The world’s largest technology and cloud computing companies posted strong growth in the third quarter of 2020, with much of the growth attributed to a boost in targeted advertising.

30 October 2020

California to vote on privacy proposal in midst of heated debate

Californians are set to vote on a new privacy law that would make sweeping changes to the CCPA regime. GDR has interviewed members from the campaigns supporting and opposing the proposal.

29 October 2020

Accenture still on the hook in Marriott class action

Marriott’s outsourced cybersecurity and IT provider Accenture has failed to shake litigation that seeks to hold the consultancy liable for its role in the hotel chain’s data breach.

28 October 2020

Trump Administration handed another loss in WeChat case

The Ninth Circuit has upheld an injunction that blocked the US Department of Commerce from banning WeChat from app stores – marking the Trump Administration’s third unsuccessful attempt in the last two months to lock the Chinese app out of the US.

27 October 2020

US judge affirms decision to halt Trump’s WeChat ban

The US Department of Commerce’s second attempt to ban WeChat has failed, as a San Francisco district judge has upheld an earlier decision that suspended the prohibitions against the Chinese app.

26 October 2020

Report spots pitfalls with CCPA service provider exemption

Some businesses are using the CCPA’s service provider exemption to transfer data to adtech vendors without having that be considered a “sale” of information – but a recent report warns that this provision in California’s privacy law has multiple drawbacks.

23 October 2020

Analytics provider accuses Facebook of monopolising user data

Analytics company BrandTotal is seeking a court order that would prevent Facebook from blocking it from the social media platform, as the two parties ramp up a data-scraping dispute that has similarities to the long-running case between hiQ and LinkedIn.

22 October 2020

DOJ: Google’s monopoly power erodes user privacy

A long-awaited US Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit has accused Google of amassing monopoly power that has reduced user data privacy – and denied competitors the data they need to compete with the company.

21 October 2020

US judge dismisses most of housing data misappropriation lawsuit

A Los Angeles federal court has dismissed most of a dispute between Weiss Analytics and Experian, in the wake of a failed deal that aimed to combine real estate data and consumer credit data to help financial institutions evaluate the housing market.

19 October 2020

US DOJ urges judge to allow Trump’s WeChat ban

A San Francisco district judge has told US Department of Justice officials that they will be hard-pressed to convince her to reverse a previous decision declaring the Trump Administration’s WeChat ban as a threat to the First Amendment.

16 October 2020

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