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Colorado privacy rules finally brings US guidance on DPIAs

Colorado’s recently finalised Privacy Act rules are the first to provide detailed requirements on data protection impact assessments within the US.

23 March 2023

New SEC cybersecurity requirements: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 20 March 2023

The SEC suggests new cybersecurity protocols and reporting; Kentucky senators pass a data privacy bill; the FTC investigates social media companies’ advertising businesses; and TikTok’s chief executive is set to be grilled by a House committee.

20 March 2023

Iowa lawmakers approve data privacy bill

Iowa is primed to become the sixth state to enact a data privacy law after legislators passed a privacy bill on Wednesday.

17 March 2023

Amazon faces novel New York biometric class action

A lawsuit claims Amazon’s cashier-less stores violated New York City’s year-old biometric law by collecting biometric data without consent or notice.

17 March 2023

SEC rejects Covington battle against data breach client disclosure

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has reaffirmed its push for an order compelling Covington & Burling to provide the identities of clients that suffered a data breach.

15 March 2023

GitHub and OpenAI plaintiffs seek anonymity amid slurs and death threats

Plaintiffs have alleged they were exposed to slurs and threats of bodily harm after filing a copyright class action against Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI.

15 March 2023

Texas data privacy bill draws industry support and activists’ concerns

The author of a proposed Texas privacy bill has warned that Texans cannot wait for perfection while businesses make unregulated use of personal data.

14 March 2023

NSO: Apple lawsuit belongs in Israel

The company behind the Pegasus spyware has said Apple’s litigation against it should not continue in the US courts, and that in any event the iPhone manufacturer’s CFAA lawsuit is doomed to fail.

14 March 2023

Blackbaud settles data breach investigation

An education software provider has agreed to pay the US securities regulator $3 million to end claims it made misleading disclosures following a 2020 ransomware attack that compromised the data of over 13,000 customers.

13 March 2023

Covington data partner becomes judge

Covington & Burling data privacy partner Simon Frankel is now a judge on the San Francisco Superior Court.

13 March 2023

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