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Twitter expects nine-figure FTC fine

Twitter has warned investors that it faces a US Federal Trade Commission fine of up to $250 million.

04 August 2020

Schrems II: practical implications

Sidley Austin partner William Long and associate Lauren Cuyvers assess Schrems II’s impact on international business, and offer advice on the path ahead.

04 August 2020

Microsoft promises to keep TikTok data in the US

Microsoft has promised to localise the data of US TikTok users as acquisition talks between the two parties heat up – while president Donald Trump mulls banning the China-owned social media platform.

03 August 2020

Google’s ad revenue falls

Google’s advertising revenue fell for the first time in the company’s history while Facebook posted 10% growth during a financial quarter marked by the covid-19 pandemic, government lockdowns, and a double-digit decline in global GDP.

31 July 2020

Data issues highlighted during Big Tech antitrust hearing

The GDPR, adtech, surveillance and third-party sellers were among the data-related topics discussed during a US congressional antitrust hearing that featured chief executives from Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

30 July 2020

US appeals court allows warrantless camera surveillance

Overturning a lower court’s previous decision, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit has ruled that law enforcement’s warrantless use of a pole camera to surveil the home of suspected drug dealers did not violate the Fourth Amendment.

29 July 2020

Google faces class action over alleged Chrome non-user data collection

Google is facing a class action lawsuit for alleged violations of its user privacy agreement and US federal and state laws in relation to the way it collects data from its popular Chrome browser.

29 July 2020

US corporation sues Angola for state-sponsored hack

Nevada-based Africa Growth Corporation has accused Angola’s government of stealing attorney-client communications from servers in the US – ultimately leading to the country abandoning a $47.5 million settlement in a separate dispute.

28 July 2020

Slew of BIPA lawsuits filed against tech giants

Illinois residents have filed class action lawsuits against Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and FaceFirst for using their photographs without permission to develop AI technology.

27 July 2020

Facebook bumps up Illinois facial recognition payout

Facebook has agreed to pay an extra $100 million as part of a settlement to end a long-running facial recognition lawsuit, bringing the total to nearly two-thirds of a billion dollars.

24 July 2020

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