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AT&T fighting to keep its data policies under wraps

Plaintiffs suing AT&T have argued the telecoms giant should release detailed information about reforms to its data policies as part of a long-running geolocation data sharing lawsuit.

15 October 2020

Latest CCPA regulation tweaks aimed at making opt-outs easier

The California attorney general has released a third set of modifications to the CCPA regulations, including changes designed to make it easier for consumers to opt out from having their data sold to third parties.

14 October 2020

US court greenlights data-based health insurance scheme

A US federal court has sanctioned a partnership of self-employed people who traded their data in exchange for health insurance benefits, overturning a Department of Labor refusal to certify the scheme.

13 October 2020

Morgan Stanley fined $60m for 2016 and 2019 data breaches

The US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has fined Morgan Stanley $60 million for two data breaches – including one dating back to 2016 – that the bank failed to disclose until July 2020.

12 October 2020

BrandTotal will fight Facebook scraping lawsuit

Analytics company BrandTotal will resist Facebook’s allegations that it illegally scraped data from its platforms.

08 October 2020

US House report: Privacy, not price, is best measure of digital market power

The US House has released its much-anticipated report on competition in digital markets, making the case that privacy erosions are a better indicator than prices when it comes to measuring Big Tech’s market power.

07 October 2020

Facebook sues unauthorised web scrapers

Facebook has sued a pair of companies for allegedly using malicious browser extensions to scrape data from Facebook and Instagram user accounts – the latest case in what the company has painted as a campaign to enhance privacy.

06 October 2020

Trump Administration fights for WeChat ban

The US Department of Commerce has appealed against a court order that prevented it from banning WeChat, arguing that national security concerns should trump “comparatively minor” burdens on freedom of speech.

05 October 2020

Anthem to pay nearly $50m to settle 2015 data breach investigation

Health insurer Anthem has reached settlement agreements with 43 states and Washington, DC, agreeing to pay nearly $50 million in total and improve its cybersecurity.

02 October 2020

EU-US gap widens over post-Schrems surveillance

The US and EU seem further than ever from an agreement on how to solve data flows to the US, with two influential pressure groups calling for wholesale US surveillance reform days after the US attempted to assuage companies’ fears.

02 October 2020

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