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Facebook joins FTC in rejecting EPIC’s opposition to $5 billion settlement

The US Federal Trade Commission and Facebook have united in opposing a consumer-advocacy group's efforts to intervene in their recently bartered $5 billion settlement agreement.

07 August 2019

Google cy-pres privacy settlement voided

A US federal appeals court has voided a $5.5 million class action settlement that Google agreed to pay out to charities but not individuals.

07 August 2019

US charges AT&T hacker

A Pakistani national could face up to 20 years in jail after a US federal grand jury indicted him for bribing AT&T employees to plant malware and illegally unlock phones.

07 August 2019

GitHub encourages hacking, class action claims

Open source software development platform GitHub is facing claims it “actively encourages” hacking in a class action filed over the Capital One data breach that affected around 100 million people.

06 August 2019

Delaware implements insurance data breach rules

New Delaware legislation will force insurers in the state to implement security programmes and conduct risk assessments to prevent data breaches.

06 August 2019

Voter Privacy Act unlikely to affect 2020 US presidential race

Proposed US legislation would give voters control over how their personal data is used by political campaigns, but it would probably not affect the upcoming presidential elections.

06 August 2019

Cisco settles with whistleblower and US government over cybersecurity fault

In what is thought to be first-of-its-kind cybersecurity litigation under the False Claims Act, technology conglomerate Cisco has reached an $8.6 million settlement with US federal, state and local agencies as well as the ex-employee who brought the case.

05 August 2019

Princeton seeks dismissal of dataset IP lawsuit

Princeton University has asked a San Francisco federal court to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it and Facebook accusing them of scraping and distributing datasets to use in machine vision and robotics research.

05 August 2019

FTC: Equifax claimants should take free credit monitoring instead of cash

The US Federal Trade Commission has advised consumers affected by the Equifax data breach to opt for free credit monitoring rather than making a claim for monetary compensation.

05 August 2019

Russian traders to pay SEC $78 million over first insider trading hack

A New Jersey federal court ordered five Russian traders to pay relief to the US Securities and Exchange Commission after using stolen information from news agencies for profit.

02 August 2019

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