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Speculation over role of new ‘court’ in Privacy Shield 2.0

Details about the new data transfer agreement between the EU and US are still thin on the ground, but one hope is that the new process will feature a more robust means of settling disputes than the previous Privacy Shield.

29 March 2022

Utah governor signs “business-friendly” privacy law

Utah has become the latest state to enact comprehensive privacy legislation, following California, Virginia and Colorado – but its lighter approach has been criticised by some for lacking real privacy protections.

28 March 2022

Uncertainty continues as new EU-US data flows deal agreed

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework is likely to ease transfers from the EU to the US in the short term, but scrutiny of the new adequacy measure’s redress mechanism is inevitable.

25 March 2022

FTC enforces over data breach ‘coverup’

The US Federal Trade Commission’s enforcement action against CafePress comes 15 months after the company settled a data breach investigation by a coalition of state attorneys-general.

16 March 2022

Lawsuit accuses HBO of illegal Facebook data-sharing

A class action lawsuit alleges streaming service HBO Max of sharing personal information with Facebook for advertising purposes without consent.

10 March 2022

Sanctions breed uncertainty for data

With new waves of sanctions coming thick and fast from Western governments, data and cloud providers are working under the fog of war.

08 March 2022

White House supports stricter children’s data rules

President Joe Biden has called for more measures to protect children online, including an end to advertising targeted at minors and a ban on tech companies gathering data on children.

03 March 2022

FTC secures algorithm deletion in COPPA case

A Federal Trade Commission settlement with the operators of a children’s weight management app has included the second-ever commitment to delete all algorithms and models developed with relevant data.

23 February 2022

LabMD urges US judge to reject FTC "procedural gamesmanship"

A US businessman suing Federal Trade Commission (FTC) employees over corruption-related allegations has urged a US judge to reject arguments that his case should be dismissed over time limitations.

18 February 2022

Class action roundup: Meta moves to settle, Clearview AI handed loss

In a pair of major developments this week in the US data litigation area, Meta has struck a $90 million (€72 million) deal to settle a decade-long privacy case while Clearview AI suffered a loss in its defense against a class action biometrics lawsuit.

16 February 2022

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