Region: United States of America

New York regulator files first cybersecurity charges

The New York State Department of Financial Services has charged a Nebraska-based title insurance company for failing to shut down a five-year IT vulnerability, which the regulator says led to millions of internal records being exposed to anyone with a web browser.

24 July 2020

Details of Facebook/DOJ encryption fight to remain secret

A US appeals court has refused to unseal documents that purportedly show law enforcement officials attempting to force Facebook to build a backdoor that would allow them to wiretap the company’s encrypted Messenger app.

23 July 2020

T-Mobile sued over cryptocurrency hack

A cryptocurrency mogul has sued T-Mobile for alleged security failures that resulted in the loss of millions of dollars.

23 July 2020

Snapchat earnings a positive sign for adtech

Messaging app Snapchat has posted gains in users and revenue despite facing the covid-19 pandemic, government lockdowns, and a severe economic contraction.

22 July 2020

FBI: Chinese hackers tried to steal covid-19 research

A US federal grand jury has indicted two Chinese hackers for allegedly stealing trade secrets and personal data from hundreds of victims for the benefit of China’s government.

22 July 2020

Microsoft sued over alleged Facebook data sale

A class action suit has accused Microsoft of secretly selling user data collected from its Office 365 service to Facebook and other third parties.

22 July 2020

US AI commission recommends export controls for data

A council of top current and former US tech, military and intelligence officials has recommended that the country’s government place export controls on sensitive American data that could be used by competitors in the race for artificial intelligence supremacy.

21 July 2020

Exclusive: Amazon to continue using SCCs for US data transfer

Amazon’s cloud division will continue to use standard contractual clauses to transfer data to the US despite the Schrems II decision, GDR has learned.

20 July 2020

Berlin data commissioner takes hardline Schrems position

The shockwave of the Schrems II decision continues as the Berlin data protection authority has suggested that EU companies should move their data from the US to Europe – and that data transfers to the US using standard contractual clauses (SCCs) cannot continue.

20 July 2020

Israeli surveillance company fails to quash WhatsApp lawsuit

A San Francisco federal court has rejected Israeli company NSO Group’s sovereign immunity arguments in its motion to dismiss a lawsuit by WhatsApp for hacking some of its users’ accounts.

17 July 2020

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