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Twitter hit with class action for using telephone numbers to advertise

A class action lawsuit has been initiated against Twitter for allegedly having consumers provide telephone numbers for two-factor authentication, but then using those numbers for advertising purposes.

02 October 2020

TikTok case: US national security powers can't stop data flows

In overturning an executive order that banned TikTok’s distribution in the US, a federal judge has ruled that presidential emergency powers cannot regulate data imports and exports.

29 September 2020

California governor vetoes genetic data privacy bill

Citing concerns about disrupting covid-19 test reporting, California’s governor has blocked additional regulation of genetic data in the state.

29 September 2020

US judge temporarily blocks Trump’s TikTok restrictions

TikTok parent company ByteDance has successfully blocked – for now – an executive order from Donald Trump that would have restricted the social media platform from appearing in US app stores.

28 September 2020

Noyb reveals major companies’ responses to Schrems II

33 prominent companies have revealed how legal departments are responding to the Schrems II judgment – with many organisations leaning heavily on standard contractual clauses.

28 September 2020

RBG remembered for landmark data case dissent

A US Senate committee working on federal privacy legislation has paid tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her dissent in Spokeo Inc v Robins – a monumental consumer privacy case that continues to affect the data litigation landscape.

25 September 2020

CCPA needs improvement, California AG says

California attorney general Xavier Becerra has outlined his gripes with the CCPA, in a US Senate committee hearing that may influence national privacy legislation.

24 September 2020

Big data crucial to US warfare, House committee hears

Former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt, now the head of a US government commission aimed at improving the military’s artificial intelligence capabilities, has called for “broad research exemptions” on the use of big data to boost America’s warfare capabilities.

24 September 2020

Former Google CEO criticises Trump’s anti-TikTok crusade

Eric Schmidt has said the Trump Administration’s TikTok prohibitions and other restrictions on Chinese technology will harm the development of US AI capabilities.

23 September 2020

Instagram faces CCPA smartphone camera spying lawsuit

A putative class action says Instagram taps users’ smartphone cameras to monitor them without their knowledge or consent.

22 September 2020

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