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California Age-Appropriate Design Code temporarily blocked

A federal court has granted a preliminary injunction to halt California’s upcoming child online safety law.

19 September 2023

Meta attacks Sarah Silverman lawsuit

Meta has sought to dismiss the bulk of a book authors’ class action targeting its LLaMA large language model.

19 September 2023

Google tracking settlement could fetch privacy NGOs $62 million – and nothing for plaintiffs

Attorneys have agreed to pay privacy-focused nonprofits $62 million to settle Google cellphone location-tracking claims, but members of the plaintiff class are set to receive no cash payments.

19 September 2023

The chips are down: AI newsletter 18 September 2023

Tech giants’ AI projects are being threatened with death by a thousand copyright cuts, with yet another author attaching himself to litigation against the alleged wilful pilfering of his intellectual property. But concerns over the ethics of building AI models hasn’t stopped the rush to do so, with front- and back-end companies teaming up on the next generation of the technology.

18 September 2023

OpenAI and Microsoft data harvesting class action dropped

Plaintiffs have voluntarily dismissed a class action alleging OpenAI steals internet users’ personal data to develop its software.

18 September 2023

Google pays $93 million over location privacy claim

The California Attorney General’s Office has secured a $93 million settlement and new location-tracking features for all US Google account holders.

15 September 2023

Delaware joins the fold: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 15 September 2023

Delaware’s governor signs the state’s data privacy bill into law; California’s largest healthcare provider pays $49 million to settle claims it illegally disposed of medical waste and patient data; and RELX’s chief data security counsel joins Morrison & Foerster.

15 September 2023

Senators introduce new AI regulations but passage seems doubtful

US senators have argued the need for AI regulations during a recent hearing, but mustering widespread support for comprehensive AI laws may not be on the horizon.

14 September 2023

Meta faces another AI copyright class action

Authors including Pulitzer winner Michael Chabon have accused Meta of illegally feeding their published works into its large language model – the latest in a slew of litigation filed against major AI operators.

13 September 2023

DOJ argues Musk can’t end X’s FTC administrative order

The US Department of Justice said X’s motion to terminate a 2022 FTC administrative order should be dismissed and claims that the FTC is biased and interfered in X’s audit are false.

13 September 2023

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