Region: United States of America

California committee passes privacy bills

The California Senate Judiciary Committee voted on 9 July to pass a pair of privacy bills – one to regulate data collected by healthcare apps and similar technology, and the other to place restrictions on telecommunications companies sharing customer geolocation data.

10 July 2019

Irish data regulator urges ECJ to scrap SCCs

Counsel for privacy activist Max Schrems has rejected the Irish data protection commissioner’s call for standard contractual clauses to be scrapped in favour of a “more measured approach”, while Facebook has said any such scrapping would endanger the EU’s free trade commitments.

09 July 2019

US government looking to streamline data practices

With an eye on benefiting the public and private-sector, the US federal government is aiming to streamline data policies and practices across its various departments and agencies.

09 July 2019

US government employees win standing rights in cyber litigation

A US appeals court has reversed a lower court’s ruling dismissing a lawsuit against the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) over a 2014 cyber attack.

08 July 2019

Congressional committee calls for halt to Facebook crypto project

With a pair of congressional hearings set to take place next week over Facebook’s plans to launch a cryptocurrency, members of one committee have called on the company to halt the project until Congress can properly examine it.

08 July 2019

Amazon faces class action over Alexa voice data storage

Amazon is facing a class action lawsuit in Illinois after allegedly storing and processing data without permission.

05 July 2019

California considering restrictions on geolocation sharing

As the US readies itself for the California Consumer Protection Act, legislators in the state are also pushing through another privacy-related bill that would place restrictions on telecommunications companies sharing customer geolocation data.

03 July 2019

Medical centre illegally shared records with Google, claims US suit

Google and the University of Chicago Medical Center are facing a class-action lawsuit for what plaintiffs claim to be the “greatest heist of consumer medical records in history” – a claim the tech company and the medical centre strongly deny.

02 July 2019

US advertising association calls for pre-emptive federal privacy law

In a letter to the US Federal Trade Commission, the Association of National Advertisers has called for national privacy legislation that preempts the California Consumer Protection Act and other state laws.

01 July 2019

Second US city bans facial recognition technology

Somerville, Massachusetts became the second city in the US to ban facial recognition technology last week when council members unanimously passed an ordinance to that effect.

01 July 2019

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