Region: United States of America

Tech companies call for US federal data protection law

Some of the world’s biggest tech and telecoms companies have come out in favour of federal US data protection legislation, but have warned against bringing in a “burdensome” GDPR-style law and giving the Federal Trade Commission more powers.

27 September 2018

Uber reaches landmark settlement over US data breach

Uber has agreed to pay $148 million to settle claims that it concealed a 2016 breach which affected more than 25 million of its US users.

27 September 2018

Qualcomm accuses Apple of “brazen” trade secrets theft

Qualcomm has alleged that Apple stole trade secrets relating to its technology, while a global patent and antitrust battle between the two companies continues.

26 September 2018

Davis Wright strengthens privacy practice with new hire

US law firm Davis Wright Tremaine has hired former Department of Justice privacy head Nancy Libin in the most recent expansion of its privacy department.

26 September 2018

Cybersecurity tester alleges conspiracy around industry standard

A security testing company has accused the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organisation and several software vendors of orchestrating a conspiracy to lock the company out of markets for testing endpoint security products, after it objected to a testing standard.

21 September 2018

Equifax ordered to pay maximum UK fine

The UK’s data protection watchdog has ordered credit reporting agency Equifax to pay the maximum fine available under the country’s pre-GDPR framework, slamming the company’s “systemic” security failures that included a UK-US data processing agreement which contained inadequate safeguards.

20 September 2018

California close to unprecedented IOT legislation

California is set to become the first US state to pass an IOT cybersecurity law, with observers split on claims it will spur wider federal legislation.

19 September 2018

ICANN receives third court rejection for data collection requests

A German court has rejected yet another request by the US Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to reconsider previous decisions refusing to force one of its registrars to continue collecting data.

18 September 2018

Cambridge Analytica lawyers’ withdrawal postponed as liquidation reps appointed

Lawyers trying to exit the US bankruptcy proceedings of Cambridge Analytica as no-one is left at the company to instruct them have been told they need to wait until a court-appointed trustee selects a corporate representative to assist him with the company’s liquidation.

18 September 2018

DomainTools hit with injunction over scraping

A US federal judge has served US data-gathering company DomainTools with a preliminary injunction following allegations by the New Zealand Domain Name Commission that it conducted data scraping in breach of a contractual privacy policy, potentially sparking copycat lawsuits worldwide.

14 September 2018

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