Region: United States of America

Facebook did little to investigate Cambridge Analytica despite employee warnings

Facebook did little to investigate concerns raised by an employee in September 2015 that Cambridge Analytica could be scraping its users’ data to target US voters, according to internal Facebook emails obtained by GDR from the Washington, DC, attorney general.

23 August 2019

Software company pursues AIG for spoofing payout

SS&C Technologies has asked the Manhattan federal court to force its insurer AIG to pay for losses it incurred after being scammed into releasing $5.9 million from a client’s account.

23 August 2019

SEC cyber chief heads to Davis Polk

Davis Polk has hired Robert Cohen, former chief of the cyber unit at the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

23 August 2019

Who should be responsible for data breaches?

The US legal system rarely holds third-party IT and cybersecurity providers liable for data breaches, but experts say that could – and perhaps should – change in the near future.

22 August 2019

DOJ fights to reinstate block of employee data collection

The US Department of Justice has criticised a trial judge’s decision to restart a government body’s collection of worker’s salary data from employers.

22 August 2019

Illinois biometric regulation is unconstitutional, supermarket claims

Albertsons, which owns supermarket chain Jewel-Osco, has asked an Illinois court to dismiss a biometric class action against it on the basis that the corresponding legislation is unclear.

22 August 2019

FTC looks to mandate encryption for financial institutions

The Federal Trade Commission has made a number of proposed changes to its Safeguards Rule – a set of regulations governing how financial institutions handle customer information.

22 August 2019

FTC counsel seeks Cambridge Analytica order

Counsel to the US Federal Trade Commission has asked for summary resolution of the agency’s case against Cambridge Analytica, after the company failed to issue a response to its complaint.

21 August 2019

Class action accuses Facebook of housing discrimination

A group of Facebook users say Facebook allowed landlords to exclude minority groups from seeing targeted housing advertisements.

20 August 2019

English court to hear $17 million hacking claim

A UAE investment authority has been accused of conspiring to hack into an aviation investor’s computers and emails, and using the stolen data to smear him online.

19 August 2019

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