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No harm caused by data sharing, says Facebook

Facebook’s lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss a consolidated complaint lodged against the social media platform following the Cambridge Analytica scandal on the grounds that data sharing for the purpose of targeted advertising did not cause the plaintiffs to suffer harm.

05 November 2018

McSweeny worried about “divergence” on big data

A former commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission has said she is worried about regulatory agencies diverging in how they judge the conduct of the world’s dominant technology platforms.

02 November 2018

Trade groups back Chrysler in hacking class action

Several industry groups have come out in support of Fiat Chrysler, as it petitions the US Supreme Court to review certification of a class action linked to cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

30 October 2018

Judge keeps dealer management systems lawsuit

An Illinois federal judge has refused to dismiss an antitrust claim brought by a vehicle registration service provider against CDK Global and Reynolds and Reynolds, and their wholly owned joint venture Computerized Vehicle Registration.

26 October 2018

DPAs have “ethical duty” to improve laws, says ICO deputy chief

UK data privacy official Steve Wood has said regulators must recommend changes to laws where they see shortcomings.

25 October 2018

Apple chief executive calls for US federal privacy law

Tim Cook has come out in “comprehensive support” of a federal privacy law in the US, and criticised the “data industrial complex” opposing such a move.

24 October 2018

AI essential to Facebook, Zuckerberg says

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has said the company uses artificial intelligence to protect user data – with its chief privacy officer and Google's general counsel also backing calls for uniform US federal privacy legislation.

24 October 2018

AT&T criticises $24 million cryptocurrency theft allegations

AT&T has sought to dismiss a cryptocurrency investor’s cybersecurity lawsuit, saying the individual has failed to explain why the company is responsible for the alleged theft of his assets.

24 October 2018

US-EU privacy relationship moving towards “healthy” tension, says Dixon

Ireland’s data protection commissioner Helen Dixon has said that a positive outcome of the “fraught issue” of data transfers is that the US and Europe better understand each other’s approaches to privacy.

23 October 2018

EPIC challenges Google algorithmic search technique

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has told a US federal appeals court that the reliability of Google’s email screening techniques needs to be tested in order to protect user privacy.

23 October 2018

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